July Goals

Hallelujah! I can finally say that summer is upon us! Don’t burst my bubble—I’ve been longing for sun and clear skies since I arrived in April. I want to feel like San Diego failed me in that department, but it seems rather selfish and insensitive, knowing that some people are experiencing wildfires in other parts of California.

Anyway, last week, I revisited my long-term goals for 2015, and I realized that acting upon my word for the year helped in making progress with the things I aimed to accomplish this year. Note that I used the word ‘progress’ because the year isn’t over yet, and if I’m not careful, I could fail on some of the goals I’ve set for myself. Speaking of which, let’s see how I did on those in June:


About grocery and meal planning: I can’t tell you how Shayne‘s recommendations helped me achieve this goal. Food.com was a game-changer, guys! I’ve so far tried at least five different recipes from that app/website, and followed instructions to the letter. I noticed that we’ve lessened random trips to the grocery for this reason, too. The way to a man’s heart truly is through his stomach!

I am certain that Dad enjoyed his stay here, although goodbyes are always bittersweet. It’s unbelievable how we were able to squeeze a lot of places in our 3-day itinerary, but Roan made it happen! It would have been more fun if the entire family was complete!

Not only are we going to the gym regularly; we also added walking/jogging in the park or in the 5-mile loop at a nearby lake into our workout routine to mix things up! It’s nice that we hold each other accountable, especially when one is making [lame] excuses not to exercise for the day!

Finally, after two months, I’m done with the California DMV Handbook! I’ve been answering their practice written test online, and I hope doing so will help me pass the actual test with flying colors.


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July Goals

I’d like to dedicate the beginning of the second half of the year to focus more on certain things. One of which is being consistent in my intention of living an active lifestyle. I’d be lying if I tell you that I don’t fall into the lazy trap on some days. I’m glad I married an ex-military man; he has the license to order me around ONLY in this department. Ha!

Speaking of maintaining an active lifestyle, I will challenge myself to beat my own personal [physical] record. This technique isn’t something new to me, but it’s going to require strong will and determination to make it work. I did it once, so I know I can do it all over again!

In relation to these two, my medical insurance coverage commences today. Roan and I have agreed to take all necessary tests to ensure that we’re healthy, both inside and out. We haven’t really tried yet, but God willing, we’ll probably start a family within the next two or three years.

Of course, take my driver’s license exam AND pass it! I feel like this is more of a necessity for me nowadays.

What are we looking forward to do this July?

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