January Goals

First of all, I’d like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! How was your holiday break? I hope it’s been grand because I know most of you spent your holidays with family. As for me, I just returned from a week-long holiday trip abroad with my family, and it’s been pretty tough catching up with my to-do’s. Unpacking was such a breeze, but I had to load batches upon batches of laundry the day after we arrived because I can’t stand seeing piled-up soiled clothes in my hamper. So anyway, before delving into my goals for this month, why don’t we go over last month’s goals to see what have transpired?


Simbang Gabi

I meant to edit this part in my December Goals because it slipped my mind that Roan and I were in Thailand for our honeymoon during this time in 2013. This one was rather easy because I had no excuse to miss last December’s nine nights of Simbang Gabi.

We usually go to our parish to hear mass, but we’ve discovered that it’s so much nicer to attend Simbang Gabi at a church further down south. Aside from a fully-air-conditioned church, the choir changes every day, which makes the experience both unique and refreshing. I also found that the priests there give more interesting homilies that allow me to truly reflect on what the season is all about.

Pack Light

This one’s a success, too! I began packing five days before our trip because I wanted to carefully plan on things I need to put in my luggage. I initially tried to use Dad’s travel backpack, but my stuff won’t fit in it. Thankfully, Aunt Marie lent me one of hers, so I didn’t have to worry about falling short on clothes. I’m happy that I brought just enough clothes for a week-long vacation, and that I was able to pack some of the things I bought during out trip without needing more space.

What about the others on your list?

Closet Detox

I have to be completely honest: I didn’t do well on this part. In fact, a week or two prior to our trip, I got myself some new clothes. Blame it on various holiday sales both in malls and online! Why do I feel like this is going to take a back seat for now?

Hang out with Friends

Another major fail. Who am I kidding? If you’re living in or have ever been to Manila during the Christmas season, you know that traffic gets congested twice as much as during normal days. My friends and I are all about hanging out over lunch or dinner, so we figured that getting around the city during the holidays wasn’t feasible. Who says post-Christmas celebration is impossible?


I did bring a journal with me, and took note of all the things we did at the end of the day; however, I failed to have someone to take over the blog while I was away. That’s okay, though, because I had some posts scheduled ahead of time.


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Remember that datebook I purchased in November? Last month, I started filling up its blank pages with things I plan to do and look forward to the New Year. These plans vary from a personal perspective to things concerning this blog.

Work on Travel Photo Diary

I haven’t really figured out how I’m going to share my thoughts on our recent trip, but I’m probably going to dedicate the entire month for this alone. I’m imagining that it’s going to be tedious work, but I think I’ve teased you enough on the details, so I might as well spill the beans [very soon]!

Come up with Feasible Resolutions

Every year, I write my New Year’s Resolutions like everyone else, but I always fail to sustain them throughout the year. This month, I need to reassess my priorities in order to come up with more realistic resolutions. I know I may have written or promised to do things that are deemed too far-fatched in the past; it’s ridiculous, but if I only I had put my heart on some of them, perhaps I would have made them happen.

I’m taking things easy this month because I don’t want to stress myself on what is yet to take place. I can’t quite put it, but there’s something about 2015 that’s making me feel hopeful. The new year still hasn’t sunk in, but I know amazing things will happen this year. As excited as I am, I strive to live in the moment.

Brace yourself, kids. Two-0-one-5 will bring you a phenomenal ride!

New year, new month, new goals. What do you aim to achieve this month?

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