Insta Lately: Vol. 4

I may or may not have told you that summer is already upon us, but San Diego‘s weather had been pretty bipolar lately. One day, the sun’s out; the next day, it’s all thunder and lightning. Is it too much to ask for some perfect summer weather around here in the West Coast? I mean, I’m still trying to get some color to blend in with the crowd… On a more serious note, here’s what’s been going on in my Instagram lately:

one. What you see is the San Diego Skyline taken all the way from Coronado, which is literally a stone’s throw away from San Diego. I’ve been using this wallpaper since last year, and it’s so bizarre taking a photo of San Diego from a distance myself! | two. Roan goes to school after work on Thursday nights, and it was my first time to see their campus. It’s so beautiful; it made me want to go back to school again! | three. I took this photo of a random tree atop the Hilltop Community Park on one of our hikes up there. Roan loved it so much that he’s planning to have it printed and framed.

four. While everyone was spending Father’s Day with their families, Roan, Pat, and I went to Swami’s State Beach to surf. We welcomed the first day of summer with a bang (and sore muscles all over)! It was my first time, and boy, was it so exhausting! | five. Apparently, I have a thing for random tree snaps, so here’s another one taken during one of our walking/jogging session at the Lake Miramar 5-mile Loop. It boasts a very beautiful landscape, overlooking the city. | six. My summer isn’t complete without eating some strawberries! If I’m not eating them, I’m tossing them into the blender to make a refreshing smoothie.

seven. This was the first time Roan and I went to the beach (Moonlight State Beach), and just laid there for the entire morning to get a tan. We kind of ended up looking like awful lobsters. | eight. The following week, we wanted to go for another trip to the beach; however, we had an overcast the entire morning, so we ended up driving to the city of Julian instead. It reminded me so much of Old Town San Diego, except for the pies. | nine. This bar & restaurant across Lake Henshaw was a gem. Sometimes, the best ones are those found in the suburbs. Don’t you agree? (P.S. We took home more than half of what we ordered. It’s that filling!)

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