Insta Lately: Vol. 18

one. and two. Last summer was a little different than last year’s. Instead of going into the ocean to surf, I particularly went to the beach to read. On weekends, Roan and I drive up north to go beach-hopping. These two photos were taken at Huntington State Beach, which is one of the go-to surfing spots in the country. | three. We had been driving to Los Angeles more, too, and I finally saw the famous LA Instagram spot: Urban Light at LACMA. If I’m being honest, I thought they resembled that of the Grecian columns, but they didn’t.

four. and five. On other weekends, Roan and I would drive to Carlsbad and Oceanside to have brunch. Brunch is always the highlight of my weekend because it’s a celebration of a stress-free time with Roan. Remember that time I told you my affinity with tigers? Well, imagine my fascination when I stumbled upon this gorgeous mural while walking in Downtown Carlsbad! That house with a horrible Tom Cruise painting? It’s the same house featured in the movie Top Gun, which Tom Cruise starred in. It still stands on the same spot, but it’s dilapidated. | six. Did you know that neither Roan nor I have taken any form of public transportation here in the US? One Saturday morning, we kind of toyed with the idea of just hopping on a train at the Solana Beach Station to go someplace else.

seven. On one glorious weekend, Roan and I thought of going back to Coronado. The island is just a stone’s throw away from San Diego, and it’s ridiculous that we don’t go there as often. Instead of hanging out on the same side of the island, however, we went to see what’s on the other side. | eight. Just a random snap while on the road towards I-15 North. | nine. Just when you thought my Seattle/Spokane travel diaries are over, they’re not. I think I have one more coming up, but you’ll have to wait!

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