Insta Lately: Vol. 15

In true Jae fashion, today’s Insta Lately round-up will be a few weeks (even months) late. As per usual, it took a while to fill in the spaces, but I’m hoping that the next installments won’t take too long as this one.

How are you? I hope life’s been treating you well these days. Did anyone else realize that we’re halfway through 2016 today? It’s crazy! The next thing you know, it’s Christmastime once again. I’m sure I say this every year, but it seems like time is moving even faster these days. Anyway, let’s move on to what you really came here for…

one. I posted this around the time Roan and I went for a walk along Harbor Drive. Last year, when Dad visited us here in San Diego, I remember seeing these ‘Our Silences’ sculptures along the walkway, but when we passed by the same area a couple of months ago, they were no longer there. I looked it up online, and I realized that they’ve been moved to San Francisco. Read more about these sculptures here. | two. Took this around the time spring is creeping up in California. These flowers had me intrigued, so I took photos of them on our way back to our car from watching the sunset by the beach in Encinitas. three. I don’t know if you noticed, but this photo is the only one that didn’t match the unexpected theme going on in here… Anyway, I took this photo during St. Patrick’s Day when everyone’s posting all-things-green. I made fresh guacamole the night before, so that’s the only green stuff I could share!

four. The weekend before I started working full-time, Roan took me to Beverly Hills to unwind, and gear myself up for the new challenge in my life. It did help clear my mind as I start working again after a year and a half years. |  five.  Submarines fascinate me, but thinking about getting into one, and live there for months is something I don’t think I could handle. | six. Ah, the famous “Unconditional Surrender” statue in San Diego. Posted this photo to honor the first day of my second year here in the US.

seven. This photo was taken when Roan and I went for a hike to the beach one weekend. It’s one of my most favorite photos of all time, and I didn’t have to add a filter to make it look like that. California is beautiful, guys! | eight. I had no plans of jumping into the whole Adidas Originals bandwagon, but when I saw this particular Stan Smith‘s at the store, I knew I had to get them. I ended up purchasing this pair for only a fraction of its price with all the discounts offered at checkout! S-T-E-A-L. nine. Yet another gorgeous photo of California shores. I couldn’t stop watching this old couple the entire time we were there. They looked so adorable!

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