Insta Lately: Vol. 2

While some blogger friends took over SCATTERBRAIN in my absence during the transition period of moving from Manila to San Diego, I tried to stay relevant by at least turning up on both Twitter and Instagram every now and then. So much craziness happened during the first two weeks of April prior to our flight, but that deserves a separate blog entry. In case you missed it, I must say that our misadventures at NAIA Terminal 1 were just the tip of the iceberg.

I mentioned before that I don’t post on Instagram often, but that significantly changed as soon as I set foot in the United States. In fact, my brother even made me download Snapchat (in case you’re wondering, I’m there as “gorjaeous”, too) for quick snaps and videos, as if Instagram wasn’t enough to stay updated with each other’s lives. Below are only nine of my recent favorites; all but one were taken in San Diego.

Note: I sort of realized the last minute that I should’ve arranged the photos in chronological order (i.e., top to bottom, left to right) instead of how it appeared in my profile page, so that it made more sense. Sorry, I promise to do that next time! For the meantime, please bear with me.

one. Roan took me to Balboa Park one Sunday afternoon to see San Diego’s famous cultural park. My legs were still sore from hiking (refer to photo no. 3), so we decided to rest a little while from walking in the park. We didn’t go inside any of the museums because I’m saving that for when Dad visits us in May. | two. Right after hearing Sunday mass, Roan took me to his favorite sushi place called Nozomi: Sushi and Sake. I’m a big sushi and sashimi lover, and this place did not disappoint. We just ordered both fresh and fancy sushi platters for lunch, and we were good until dinnertime. | three. On my 7th day in San Diego, we decided to go to Torrey Pines State Reserve for an early morning hike up and down the Broken Hill Trail. This was our glorious view before we climbed up the hill.

four. Roan and my older cousin met each other for the first time in June last year. According to my husband, they went to Old Town San Diego, so he took me there to see how the city looked like back in the day. It was such an interesting place to go to! | five. Torrey Pines State Reserve is only one of the many parts of the 50-mile San Diego Coastline, so on our first Friday date night, Roan took me further down south to see La Jolla Cove Beach where the more luxurious people live. | six. While browsing through photos in my gallery, I saw this photo of Roan and myself. Although my husband seldom smiles in pictures, I found this one special. Don’t you agree?

seven. My brother-in-law, Patrick, moved up north in Encinitas awhile back because of work. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that and his interesting new place, so Roan and I drove there one afternoon to pay him a surprise visit. We then walked along the Historic Highway 101, which was the principal 935-mile north-south route in California. Upon learning so, I knew I needed to take a #FromWhereIStand photo, showing off my cute jelly shoes—a thoughtful “going away gift” from my former colleagues. | eight. We arrived in the US on Saturday afternoon, but Roan thought just one day off wasn’t enough, so he “called in sick” on Monday. We drove to Torrey Pines State Reserve on a chilly morning weather, and I instantly fell in love with the city. For posterity’s sake, I had my photo taken beside Roan’s other beloved baby. | nine. Exactly a week before leaving the Philippines for good, I got a shorter haircut. It’s probably the shortest I’ve had in many years. I thought it was just perfect timing to get a new look as I embark on a new chapter in my life. I absolutely loved it, and so did others!

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