Imagine Dragons: On Top of The World

I know this cover image is misleading; I didn’t have a photo of Imagine Dragons, so I’m posting Halsey’s instead.

Two months prior to leaving for the US, Roan got us tickets to Imagine Dragons‘ Smoke + Mirror Tour in July. I don’t think I have gotten over the fact that I’ve finally watched Paramore perform live in May, so going to another concert just two months apart was completely beyond me.

The Smoke + Mirror Tour leg in San Diego was held, yet again, in San Diego State University; only this time the venue was at the Viejas Arena, which is probably five times the size of where Paramore performed. Contrary to our experience at the Paramore concert, though, our seats were at the top-most row of the arena! I was slightly worried that we were too far from the stage, but they had two screens propped on either side of the stage, so we were still able to enjoy the show in spite of the distance.

Halsey and Metric opened up for Imagine Dragons, and boy, did I become their fan on-the-spot! Halsey (fun fact: it’s an anagram of her real name, Ashley) was new to me, and although I’ve only heard her music for the first time, I was instantly hooked! I didn’t know I already knew who Metric was until they played Breathing Water! I might have squeezed Roan’s arm during this part because I knew that song! I used to listen to it all the time on my favorite local radio in the Philippines on my way to and from work.

I’ll be real honest with you, guys. I didn’t know a lot of songs by Imagine Dragons, but it turned out that I have listened to most of them in the past. I just didn’t know they were theirs! Surprisingly, Roan knows some that I haven’t even heard before because he was singing along to them! Did you know their band name’s an anagram of something else, too? Well, they wouldn’t reveal what it is, but I guess it’s a mystery worth holding on to!

This Imagine Dragons concert was, by far, the most amazing show in terms of lights and sounds because they went over and beyond our expectation. We definitely got our money’s worth!

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