Honeymoon 2013: Part I

First of all, you have to forgive me for putting this post up far too long now. My husband is leaving soon, so between writing and spending quality time with my husband, it’s a no-brainer that I would choose the latter. Thank you for bearing with me on this, guys!

Okay, now that you all know where my husband and I went to for our honeymoon, it’s about time I share with you how it went. From the time we both agreed to go to Krabi Island in Thailand, our next struggle was to find a decent hotel accommodation. When asked what my criteria were, I said I just wanted it to be near the beach. You know, like walking-distance near. That’s all. Then TripAdvisor.com came into picture. Not to sound like this is a sponsored post or anything, but this site really helped us a lot in looking/deciding/booking our hotel. Note that we only based our decision on the photos from the hotel’s website and on other people’s comments/reviews in TripAdvisor.com. We did not book at luxurious, well-known hotels because they are expected to be more expensive, thus impractical. After all, we do not intend on staying in our room all day for the whole week, hence the practicality in us prevailed. After much deliberation on our options, Roan booked our accommodation at The L (Living Lifestyle) Resort along Ao Nang Road.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we were picked up at the airport by the hotel driver whom we secretly called Regatton. We actually had to have him paged at the information counter because when we walked out at the arrivals area, he was not in sight. It turned out that he was waiting for us at the other terminal.

Arriving at the Airport in Thailand

If memory serves me right, we arrived at the hotel at around five in the afternoon. In reality, Thailand is only three hours away from Manila, but the flight itself plus layover drained all my energy by the time we got to our hotel. My only consolation, though, was that the beach was right in front of The L Resort! I could not be any more thrilled. As Regatton unload our luggage from the van, Roan and I were ushered in by the hotel staff along with a refreshing welcome drink of soda and red dragon fruit. Just what I needed! Roan did most of the talking at the reception area while I take the ambiance in. I didn’t realize I was already daydreaming until my husband nudged me while the hotel receptionist explained what the iPad is for. Apparently, we were issued with an iPad and that there’s WiFi, both free for use during our stay. Apart from internet browsing, the hotel set up an application where you can order from the hotel restaurant, book a room service massage and a whole lot more. Define convenience at the tip of your fingertips!

When Roan and I had sorted our things out, we decided to take a late-afternoon stroll and check the area out. It wasn’t enough that we’re staying at a beachfront property because we realized that there were a lot of restaurants, convenience stores and shopping stalls nearby! This is love at first sight. These are the only essential things we need on this trip, so we should be good in the next few days. We took a quick walk by the beach, too, but not for long because we both felt our tummies rumble. By the way, Thailand is an hour behind Manila, so we figured it’s already dinner time back home. My husband and I walked back to the strip of restaurants to look for a good place to eat. We did not really research on where to eat because we wanted to surprise ourselves, making it the best part of this new couple adventure.


On our first night, we dined at this restaurant we both forgot to take note of! As expected, the first thing I had to order was an authentic Pad Thai. My husband, on the other hand, had some Green Curry Chicken with rice. For drinks, we ordered ginger ale and Singha beer, respectively, instead of having their service water because more often than not, some people get sick when not accustomed to non-bottled drinking water from another country, and that would be the worst thing that could happen while on holiday. To aid with digestion, Roan and I agreed to walk along Ao Nang Road again after dinner.

Tomorrow will be the beginning of our official “beach day”. Sorry for being such a cliff-hanger, but this has already been a lengthy post, so I’ll save that part on my next entry. Cheers!

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