Holiday Gift Guide for The Husband

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My husband is probably the last person to care about men’s fashion trends and latest styles. At least that’s true before we started going steady. I’m no pro when it comes to styling, but I do take in a particular taste when dealing with Roan’s overall look.

He didn’t understand this at first, but he eventually grew used to it. Well, Roan isn’t the type who shops a lot of clothes for himself. When he does, he commonly goes for “safe” choices or asks for my opinion, and trust my word on that.  Roan isn’t very experimental with his wardrobe either. Perhaps being in the US Army for years have affected his “fashion sense” (or the lack thereof) because he’s in his combat uniform 95% of the time. He’s content with a pair of denim jeans, plain shirt, and boots (sometimes, his combat boots even).

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With the holidays and Roan’s birthday coming up, I think it’s perfect timing that I come up with a fail-proof holiday gift guide for my husband. As shown in the photo above, I could get him a pair of trousers to match a chambray/denim button-down shirt for work, a pair of denim straight-cut jeans partnered with a collared long-sleeved shirt on dress-down days, and a pair of lace-up ankle boots. Adding a leather belt and casual watch will complete the look.

As the actual Christmas Day approaches, a lot of people are on a holiday shopping rush. With shopping malls launching amazing deals one after the other, who won’t take the bait? In effect, traffic becomes even more unbearable these days than it already is.

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