Holiday Gift Guide for Him

I really wanted to have this holiday gift guide up prior to our Thanksgiving weekend trip to The Sierra, but I got caught up with time-sensitive work-related things (on top of packing for the trip!), so I wasn’t able to publish it in time for the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales (I know, I’m a terrible blogger!🤦🏻‍♀️). Thankfully, another wave of holiday sales is upon us, so if you still haven’t gotten the significant men in your life anything yet for Christmas, then let me give you some ideas!

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You may not believe me, but I actually love shopping for my husband. Sometimes, when we’re at the mall, there’s a greater chance of me getting Roan something than shopping for myself. Roan isn’t exactly difficult to shop for, though his preference leans towards brands/pieces that are on the moderately priced yet practical side. Let’s begin with his personal style:

Unlike me, Roan only ever wears long-sleeved or flannel shirts when the temperature drops to 60º and below because he gets hot easily otherwise. Some days, he pairs it with a puffer vest, but when it gets a little too cold (especially in the office), he brings this perfect-for-fall jacket. It is also during this time of the year when we travel the most, so it’s important that he takes his trusty winter jacket to keep him warm and toasty at all times.

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Speaking of traveling, I recently got him a new spinner luggage from Calpak that’s almost the same size as mine, and he took it for a spin (pun intended) when we traveled to Portland earlier this month! Among the things that he brought on that trip were his Seahawks beanie, his favorite pair of sunglasses (which he didn’t get much use of in rainy Portland 😅), his utility knife (that he also carries with him everyday), and his go-to tumbler (or this tumbler). Roan is an advocate of practicality and traveling light, so he packed (and wore) hiking pants, his casual watchwaterproof boots (Roan also owns this pair of hiking boots), and carried his basic skincare necessities in his travel backpack (this backpack is what he brings to work everyday).

And while we’re on the subject of work, I thought I’d throw in three items Roan never fails to reach out for every morning before he gets ready for the day: his iPad to catch up on sports news or play some music on his bluetooth speaker (this would be an amazing upgrade from what he has, though!), and make some cup of joe from our basic coffee maker (P.S. Roan was obsessed with this one when we were in Portland!).

There you have it! You don’t have to purchase the exact items I listed on here, but I hope this holiday gift guide has been helpful. I think the best way to shop for men is to do so based on their interests and personality. When you’ve identified those, you can pretty much nail your gift-giving game. Sometimes, the simpler the gifts, the better. After all, isn’t the thought that counts?


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