Holiday Gift Guide for Her

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to shop for the ladies until I put this holiday gift guide together. Seriously. I must have spent twice as much time paring this list down than I did with the holiday gift guide I made for the men because women’s interests vary more than theirs (or is it just me?). Like what I previously did, I’ve made a pretty straightforward list of my current favorite things and/or those that mirror my current lifestyle.

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Holiday Gift Guide for The ‘Basic’ Lady

OK, I didn’t mean to put a negative connotation to that word in any way, but I really am about the basic things when it comes to choice of clothing. I say this all the time, but it doesn’t get as “winter-cold” around here in SoCal, so some of my fall/winter essentials include a pair of sunglasses (or two), a denim jacket, a turtleneck sweater (preferably the soft and non-itchy ones), fleece-lined leggings, and the waterproof boots (also this one) that I’ve already mentioned in my Instagram a few weeks ago (which I can also wear through springtime).  On lazy days, I live in my comfortable and warm sheepskin-lined boots. To complete the look, I either wear a backpack or a shoulder bag to both work and play, depending on my mood.

If gadgets and/or fashion aren’t your (or your giftee’s) thing, then maybe look into getting some basic skincare products (this set is my current jam!) for yourself/them. It’s not a must, but a cleansing brush system might be a great addition to your skincare routine, too. I’m honestly more into taking care of my skin these days than wearing make-up, so the only products I could recommend at this time are the same ones I wear on a daily basis like this CC cream or this complexion perfector that I apply with my ever reliable BeautyBlender Pro (this is a replacement because Roan accidentally threw away my first one!🤦🏻‍♀️). Finally, I never leave the house without spritzing some of my favorite fragrance by Chloé, Jo Malone (this one’s my current fall scent!), or Tiffany & Co. on myself.

Holiday Gift Guide for The Tech-Savvy

Let’s address the elephant in the room—I love gadgets, maybe so much more than I care to admit. I’d spend more on gadgets than a luxurious purse without batting an eyelash. I think it springs from my interest in knowing more about modern technology plus the ability to navigate through them with ease. Unless completely necessary, I hardly ever ask anyone else to figure things out for me. At home (even at my parents’ house), I’m usually the most reliable person to set a new gadget up—be it a phone, a computer, a WiFi modem, or even a surveillance camera. 

Some of my recent investments include the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and Cellular, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the Sony α6500. I loved the Apple Watch Series 2 so much that it hardly leaves my wrist (I even went bodyboarding in the ocean wearing it last summer, and it works just as fine as I first got it). I upgraded to the newest model almost as soon as I learned that a cellular feature has been added. Now I won’t need to have my iPhone with me at all times (as long as it’s open) because it can function on its own using the same cellular network as my phone. Upgrading to the iPhone 8 Plus was a happy accident because when I went to Verizon to have the cellular function of my watch set up, I was told that it wouldn’t work with my iPhone 7 Plus due to its new number-sharing feature*! Good thing I’m only a month away from being eligible for an upgrade, so I made the switch anyway. If you’re wondering how it compares with its predecessor, well, there aren’t that much difference except that it’s faster (with the new A11 chip), the battery seems to last longer, and that you can finally charge it wirelessly (although I only ever do so in my Camaro, which has a built-in wireless charging pad). Everything else seems the same as my previous phone, so if you’re thinking of holding out on this one, I think that might be a good idea.

*One blogger claims that the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and Cellular works just fine with her iPhone 7 Plus!

I’ve had my Sony α6000 for a little over two years now, and I do think it’s a great camera, especially when used for travel photography. I wanted to upgrade to a full-frame camera, but I couldn’t justify its price at this time (body only), and I realized that while my existing lenses (crop sensor) would work in it (if I ever get one), I wouldn’t be able to maximize its full potential unless I purchase lenses that are meant for the said camera. I ended up getting a Sony α6500 instead, which seems similar yet all too different from the Sony α6000. While we’re on the subject of cameras and photography, I thought I’d throw this external hard drive in here, too, because you will want to back your media gallery up (and your entire computer, really) unless you don’t care at all about losing them.😱

As mentioned in my previous holiday gift guide, I shared this list to help you come up with ideas, albeit not as unique as you’d think, in case you need one. Knowing who you’re shopping gifts for based on their interests is as fool-proof as it can get. I know it’s not common practice, but sometimes, I’d rather ask the person directly about what she wants or needs not only so it’s easier for me, but at least I know that she’ll truly enjoy my gift. How’s that for a win-win situation?


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