From Across The Web: Vol. 1

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this in my goals for 2015, but I’ve been meaning to share a curated post of things I found from across the web (including, but not limited to bloggers). My typical morning starts by simultaneously checking my phone for messages from my husband and unread blogs on Bloglovin’. If I didn’t miss a lot (fewer than 10 unread posts overnight), I refer to Flipboard for articles that might spark my interest. 

I’ve been sharing some of the things I find amusing or thought-provoking on Twitter, and I think it makes sense that I post them on the blog, too. Instead of publishing a typical weekly Friday Favorites, I will spread the word twice a month here on the blog. Now grab a drink, and let’s get started:

  • I’ve been keeping a journal for years, but I don’t write as often as I had wished. This simple and timely reminder by Julie may just help me fill mine with thoughts and memories beginning today.
  • I don’t think I could live a day without seeing adorable photos of #LittleMissIsla who probably eats everything she grabs! Oh, and by the way, spot her crying photo! It’s so EPIC!
  • I can totally relate with Nadine on things that happen once you got engaged except for the manicure dilemma, though, because I had my nails done only 12 hours before the Big Day!
  • Alright, those drafts in my dashboard must fly soon!
  • Sometimes, when you reach a fork in the road, you only have two choices: take the short, straight path or venture into the long, winding one. Find out what Emily decided to take, and be inspired. [P.S. Link-up with her on Grateful Heart every Monday (though it runs throughout the week) to start your week on a positive note.]
  • I’ve been following Kiersten for a while, and when I read her interview with the lady behind The Lady Errant, I was introduced to a certain Kelly instead of Elle. Kelly reveals the truth on her blog, and it may just blow your mind, too!
  • Another common thing about Roan and myself is that we’re both big foodies. This BBQ place in San Diego is definitely on top of my growing roster of restaurants to visit!
  • If you think that parenting is all rainbows and butterflies, then think again. Roan sent me the link to a post from a photography site, showcasing the life of parenthood in photos. I might have saved the best for last.

Did you enjoy these as much as I did? Be sure to check back every other week to find out what tickled my fancy From Across the Web (see what I did there?).

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