First of Summer

My 8-year old self would be so excited as soon as the school ends because it automatically meant going on a summer getaway with the entire family. As early as January, the elders would have planned something for the summer. It didn’t matter whether we’re renting a private pool or checking in at a beach resort; as long as my cousins are there, I’m sure it’s going to be fun. Who would have thought that two decades later, the feeling remains the same?

Our relatives invited us over at a semi-private resort in Cavite with a swimming pool, villas for rent, and a variety of recreational facilities. It was a grand celebration for everyone who graduated this year as well as those who are celebrating their birthdays this April. They booked enough rooms to accommodate several groups of families present there; however, we couldn’t stay overnight because of prior commitments the following morning. Instead we extended our stay in order to spend more time with the family. Everyone prepared a banquet enough to feed a hundred people, and most of them are only staying overnight.

The place is fully-equipped with a basketball and tennis court, a pool and table tennis table, and a swimming pool. Everyone played against each other; it felt like being a kid again. As it gets dark, we decided to play Monopoly Deal: Millionaire at a gazebo that sits eight people. It was the perfect place despite the lack of table, so we all decided to sit on the floor instead. I won two out of three games, by the way!

Photo op with our cousins in Canada and Roan in the US via FaceTime

It’s been ages since we last did something like this. I don’t even remember when was the last time we got together for a quick weekend escapade that’s filled with laughter and stories to tell. It was certainly a perfect time to catch up with each other’s lives. I wish we could have more reunions like this one because it’s always a good time when spent with the people you love.

Obligatory Family Picture feat. Cousins in Canada via FaceTime

Who else has had their taste of summer yet?
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