It’s a Wrap, February!

If someone had told me that I’ll eventually end up blogging once a month at most, I would’ve laughed in his face, but the joke’s on me now. We’ve heard it all before—I’ve been busy. No, I’m not gloating, but it’s the hard truth. My days (and my husband’s, too) have become so unpredictable in the last two months; thanks to my evolving role at work. And no, I’m not complaining either. I actually like that I’ve been working a lot; it keeps my mind off of things (and people) not worth wasting precious time on.

She never thought she could, but she did. Nevertheless, she persisted.‍♀⛰ #FullMoonHike #OptOutside #likeamountaingirl (P.S. That’s a stirrer in my hot chocolate. Perfect surprise treat when we reached the summit.☕️) : @rolandroan

Here are noteworthy things that transpired this month:

  • Roan and I eased our way back into hiking, and one of the hardest trails we’ve hiked is the Kwaay Paay trail. It’s short, but the ascent was difficult. This hike inspired us to join a Full Moon Hike at Cowles Mountain. Both of which are part of the #FivePeaksChallenge.
  • SCATTERBRAIN turned this month! Unlike the previous years, however, I didn’t celebrate it with a giveaway because I don’t find it as fun as it used to anymore.‍♀
White flowers for a dear friend whom we lost on this day, February 13th, 13 years ago to lupus. She was 17. She gave me a new perspective on an old superstition—#Fridaythe13th. Thinking about you, Gela
  • I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: we’re not a big fan of Valentine’s Day; however, when my husband surprised me with a dinner reservation at the Herringbone in La Jolla, who was I to complain? We had a lovely (and filling) three-course meal, and though expensive, we plan on going back even for a no-occasion date night.
  • As soon as I received notice of eligibility to apply for the petition to remove conditional residence status from the USCIS, I immediately sent out my package. About a month later, I was informed that the US government has extended my green card by another year, and received my Biometrics appointment that went smoothly. I might write about the preparation I did and my personal experience, but that will depend on how much time I’m willing to dedicate to work on that.
  • On President’s Day, a holiday, both Roan and I were asked to report to work because of a scheduled audit. The auditor didn’t know that he had booked us on a holiday, and most managers were not happy about it, but carried on with the agenda nonetheless. The days leading up to this 1.5-day audit, Roan and I have been coming in to work at 6:00AM. It was the longest workweek we’ve had in a while.
  • In December, I decided to go back to my darker roots. I’ve had light-colored hair for a little over five (5) years, and it’s become high-maintenance, especially now that I’m growing my hair out. I went to my second appointment with Cat of Scripps Hair & Skin Gallery this month for a haircut and hair color refresh. We expected that the initial color she applied in December wouldn’t last long since my ends were so much lighter than the roots (no bleaching involved). We have gone a tad bit darker this time (still not black), so that it will fade to a richer color that will hopefully match or blend in with my roots. I wash my hair everyday or every other day (I can’t stand not washing my hair for more than two days), so color may fade faster than usual, depending on how much pigment was deposited into my hair.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Roan and I watched a lot of movies this month, too. Some of them are on Netflix, and some are either on Hulu or Amazon:
  • Book-wise, I’m happy to report that I’m up-to-date (although Goodreads claims that I’m a book ahead of schedule) with my 2017 Reading Challenge!

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