Staying at the Dossier Hotel: Downtown Portland City Views

Nestled at the heart of Downtown Portland is Dossier Hotel, the newest addition to the Provenance Hotels family. The deluxe boutique (previously Westin Hotel) on the corner of SW Alder St. and SW Park Ave. opened in August of this year. Dossier boasts 200+ rooms, a variety of meeting rooms for events use, a fitness center, and a contemporary bar and restaurant that caters to all of one’s dining needs. The multi-million transformation also features art works by artists Chris Levine, Tony Oursler, and Slim Aarons.

Dossier Hotel Lobby and Receiving Area at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Dossier Hotel Lobby/Receiving Area (also where cocktail drinks are served during happy hour)

Dossier Hotel Review

Arriving at the Dossier Hotel

In order to make the most out of our trip, Roan and I booked the earliest flight to Portland. I sent Dossier an email inquiry on their early check-in policy a week prior to our trip, knowing that majority of hotels have a standard check-in time at 3:00PM and check-out time at 12:00NN. Dossier happily noted our early arrival, and ensured that our room would be ready by the time we get to the hotel; otherwise, they offered to hold our luggage until our room is available for use.

Shinola Detroit Bicycles (The Detroit Arrow) for rent at the Dossier Hotel via
Shinola Detroit Bicycles (The Detroit Arrow) are exclusively available for use by checked-in guests at Dossier Hotel

Our plane landed much earlier than expected, so as a result, we got to the hotel prematurely, too. We arrived before 11 in the morning and were greeted by very friendly and polite members of the staff. Rose, the receptionist, gave us a rundown of the hotel’s amenities and special and exclusive offers before leading us to the elevator.

Room Options

Dossier offers five (5) different room options, ranging from rooms that cater to your basic needs to those that give you a ‘home-away-from-home’ feels. All of their room selections include Provenance Signature Amenities, a locally influenced wine bar, and complimentary WiFi.

The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Full Bar Necessities
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Honor Bar (P.S. I held off from opening the jar of gummy bears)
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
The Nespresso Machine that Roan took advantage of for the duration of our stay

Their Standard Rooms are located on floors 3–8 while their Premium Rooms are on floors 9–19. Both of which are 350 ft2, so it all comes down to floor level preference (essentially, the higher floor, the better city views you will have). Their Premium Corner Rooms are a social media influencer’s dream! While it’s a tad bit smaller than the other two rooms at 270 ft2, the corner room provides you with a wider range of city views and ample natural light (even their bathroom has a window with a view!). The Loft Suite is Dossier’s second-to-most-luxurious room offering, and I’ll talk more about it below. Finally, the Penthouse is the crème de la crème of all, and for good reason. Located on the top floor and at 540 ft2, you might as well live like a royalty. The Penthouse is fully-furnished much like a lavish apartment with a fireplace, a dining table with leather chairs, and a wet bar with a dual-zone wine cooler and high-end residential espresso maker. It also boasts amazing views of West Hills and the Pearl District to top it all off!

Downtown Portland City View from the Dossier Hotel via

Our Loft Suite

Roan and I traveled a couple of times last year, and one thing that we don’t put too much energy deciding on is accommodation. On average, we choose to stay at 3- to 4-star hotels (if our budget permits) because we’re out for the most part of the day, so we only need a safe and secure place where we could get a restful sleep, have a nice shower (or bath), and leave our things without having to worry about losing them.

King-sized Bed in the Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland
Spot the $300-Tivoli Model Three Bluetooth Wireless Music Streaming, Clock Radio, and Sleep Alarm on the bedside table
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
This “living room” space with the custom-designed sleeper sofa, an arm chair, and glass nesting tables was conducive for catching up on football nights!
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Of course, Roan is already making coffee from the Nespresso machine
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
I thought the closet space was going to be an issue, but both our luggages (and backpacks) fit into this little space. Wish it had more room, though.

We originally booked a Standard King Room, so imagine our delight when Dossier upgraded our room to a Loft Suite. The Loft Suite has more than enough space for the both of us at 472 ft2. It has a king-sized bed with a separate sitting area plus a custom-designed sleeper sofa, an arm chair (both of which were conducive for when Roan and I caught up on football nights!), and glass nesting tables. The Loft Suite is ideal for family travelers (even those with small babies/kids) since they also offer a crib or rollaway when requested.

Our room was on the 18th floor, and boy, did our jaw drop when we saw the amazing city view from our window. The welcome drinks (two glass bottles of natural spring water) came a little later since we checked in early and the housekeeping manager even had to knock almost as soon as we got in to see if the previous occupants consumed anything from the bar, but all is good.

The Loft Suite Bathroom at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
I almost jumped right in as soon as I walked into the bathroom. Can you blame me?
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Complimentary Bathroom and Shower Essentials from Lather that were amazing!
This bathroom setup is similar to what Roan and I have envisioned in our future home. The shower area must be separate from the bath tub.
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Winter Jacket (The North Face, similar) / Cashmere Sweater (DKNY, similar)
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Complimentary Bathroom and Shower Essentials
The Loft Suite at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
Toilet paper with its own bag? Can’t get any fancier than that!

The bathroom has got to be my favorite part of the suite because it’s similar to what Roan and I had envisioned for our future home. Not shown in the pictures (other than the toilet, which is pretty much a necessity) is the full-size mirror behind the bathroom door, a feature that isn’t always available or a standard amenity in hotel rooms.

The Opal Bar and Restaurant at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
The Opal Bar and Restaurant

Our Dining Experience at Opal

The Dossier Hotel is home to Opal and Omertà. Both of which are located right by Dossier’s hotel entrance (to your right). One of Dossier’s exclusive offerings include serving free cocktail drinks on happy hour every night for checked-in guests. Roan and I always missed our opportunity to partake on this, but we thought it was amazing to commingle with other guests.

The Opal Bar and Restaurant at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via

We were, however, able to dine at Opal on the day of our flight back to San Diego. We had to be at the airport by noon, so we agreed to have breakfast downstairs when we had finished packing. As with most opulent hotel restaurants, Opal didn’t have a wide selection of breakfast options from their menu. Roan and I each had coffee (I got an iced version of his) and ordered the same American breakfast with two eggs (any style), fried fingerling potatoes, multigrain toast, and two slices of bacon (or a choice of sausage).

Dining Experience at the Opal Bar and Restaurant, Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via
American Breakfast

It didn’t look much when our order came, but it was surprisingly filling that Roan struggled to finish his food. I wish we had a chance to try out more from their menu, but I do want to commend the strawberry jam I had for my multigrain toast (it’s not too sweet, just right) and the ketchup I requested that came in a small, single-serve jar.

Welcome Drinks at the Dossier Hotel in Downtown Portland via

Our Overall Dossier Hotel Experience

I mentioned earlier that we were a little taken aback when the housekeeping manager knocked on our door almost as soon as we walked in, but we understood that it’s part of her job to take into account any incidentals the guests before us may have had. She was very apologetic in spite of explaining to her that it’s OK because we checked in much earlier than we had planned.

Anyway, I bought bath bombs from the newly-opened Lush Cosmetics on our first day in Portland because I wanted to take advantage of taking personal time in a hot bath after a day of traveling and walking around the city. The following day, we had our room cleaned and our bed made, and when we got back from our day trip, the Lush Cosmetics paper bag was nowhere in sight. Now I’m also at fault because I remember setting the bag beside the trash bin, away from the shower and bath tub, so the bath bombs won’t get wet. In hindsight, I should’ve placed it on top of the toilet or anywhere else that wouldn’t be mistaken as trash.

We reported the issue to the receptionist on duty, in the hopes of retrieving the bath bomb (in case the housekeeper hadn’t completely thrown it out), but the housekeeping manager has already left for the day. We were unable to follow up on this issue until we got back from another day trip, and to our surprise, Audrey (the receptionist manager) replaced the bath bomb altogether (again, equipped with a thoughtful note inside)! It was such a minor issue to even make a big deal about a $7-bath bomb, but I was personally dumbfounded (and borderline embarrassed) that they went out of their way to replace the lost item. They shouldn’t have, but they did!😭

Birthday Cupcakes are from Saint Cupcake in Downtown Portland

On my actual birthday, Dossier sneaked a complimentary bottle of red wine up to our room equipped with a sweet birthday note plus a Shinola Detroit 18-month Runwell Planner and a blank Portland, Oregon post card as their gifts while we were out! Definitely felt loved on my birthday!

Roan, who has trouble sleeping in places (other than our own bedroom), adjusted very well on our first night at the hotel. He always dozed off before I did (because I caught up with my reading before I turned the lights off), and he pretty much slept like a baby the whole time. It felt like sleeping on clouds with our comfortable bed, and take this—Dossier offers a range of specialty pillow types to ensure a glorious sleep experience! Can’t get any better that!

I say this without an ounce of bias, but we had a really great time at the Dossier Hotel. I made it a point to leave them a quick handwritten note before we left to thank them for their friendly and generous reception, and wrote them an extensive email as soon as we got back from our trip. We couldn’t have had a better lodging experience than at Dossier Hotel. If these aren’t enough reasons to recommend them, I don’t know what else. Once again, thank you, Dossier Hotel (and Provenance Hotels) for making our trip to Portland worth coming back to!

Dossier Hotel
750 SW Alder Street
Portland, Oregon 97205
+1 503-294-9000

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