Despedida de Soltera

Browsing through photos and videos in my hard drive, I realized that I have not written my bridal shower experience here in my blog. I find it ironic how much wedding-related photos I have already shared, but skipped my hen party altogether!

Roan and I had already set a dinner date with my college friends two weeks prior to the day Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) hit the country. The weather was at its worst that day, so Saturday afternoon plans became a little shaky whether we’re going to push through or not. While my friends and I decide on that matter, Roan and I went for an early morning grocery shopping. We stopped at every aisle, with Roan asking whether we should get this or that, which was rather unlikely. Two hours later, we were still in the grocery, and anxiety began to kick in. Would you believe that at my age, a month into getting married, I still worry that my parents will come looking for us when we’re out for too long?

Everyone was up already when we got back, busy as bees. While Roan unloaded our groceries from the car, Mom asked me to show the helper where to find the extension cord upstairs. I led her to the roof deck, and as soon as I reached the top step, I gasped at the sight of Kach and the rest of my college girl friends and officemates. When I realized what was happening, I screamed, and everyone else laughed while calling out “SURPRISE!” in the background.

Apparently, these people arrived at our house shortly after Roan and I left for the grocery. Had we left a minute or two later, we would have seen one of them along the way. They had these banner and food all set up in our roof deck while we were out. They even prepared some parlour games and a kinky gift-giving ceremony with the girls that made the occasion even more exciting. Those who were not able to come contributed by sending in cupcakes, gifts and well wishes instead.

The following video clip is my personal favorite. Who says bridal showers are exclusive for girls? Roan took part in some of the games, too! In fact, some parts felt awkward because Mom and Dad were there watching. It’s crazy, I know!

Don’t you think we had fun? Despite the absence of several other girls in my bridal shower, we sure had a blast! Fun facts: Mafi, one of my college friends, almost blew up the surprise by sending a bridal shower-related message to our Viber Group several weeks ago. In another group thread, the rest of the girls decided not to send a follow-up message to prevent me from speculating any further, but they all went berserk at Mafi’s fail moment. She even called my Mom to try to delete the messages on my phone which was next to impossible. That’s how desperate she was! At home, Mom and Roan had been texting each other about the development of their plan while we’re all watching TV in the same room, and I was completely clueless about it!

Props to the culprits: my family, Roan, very close friends, and even our wedding coordinator for making my unique bachelorette party happen! That’s really one for the books.

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