It’s a Wrap, December!

If I were to describe December in one word, I would say that it’s been hectic. Getting things done around the holidays is next to impossible if we’re being completely honest here. You best believe that I was already counting down the days until I’m off of work as soon as December kicked off! I know it doesn’t make any difference, but I’m going on here for my monthly wrap-up a few days earlier than usual because I intend to spend (and enjoy) my holiday break with family and friends.

I can’t believe that Roan and I have been married for five years this year. It still feels like only yesterday, and this is the one day in a year that we go really hard on reminiscing details about our wedding. To celebrate our marriage, Roan took me to Fogo de Chão downtown. He said he wanted to make up for last year’s because we had to cancel our original plans when a fire broke out in the city. He sure was successful because it was our first time going to a Brazilian steakhouse, and we had a great time! His favorite was their garlic sirloin steak, and I loved their ribeye steak.

The turn of events went from joyful to melancholic, however, when we received the news that a very close family friend had lost her battle to cancer. She was our favorite ninang (godmother) from the wedding, and one that we had literally considered as a second (or third) mom. We were all devastated by the news of her passing (my Mom most especially), but also relieved that she’s no longer in pain and that she has come home to our Father.

Anyway, our godson turned two this month! You pretty much know Adler by now because I write about him on here and on my Instagram a lot. Roan and I adore him very much [like our own]; I get major baby fever when we’re around him! Our friends, Ron and Jan, pulled off a Filipino-themed birthday party for their son, and it brought back childhood memories for everyone!

On a more festive note, our holiday luncheon party at work was a good one. They had taqueros come over to serve unlimited tacos for everyone on campus! It’s probably one of the best tacos I’ve ever had! Then our department had a mini-Christmas sock exchange, which was equally fun (and hilarious!). Roan and I have successfully completed our Simbang Gabi tradition for three years in a row. Last weekend, we drove down south to see my relatives who are visiting from Canada and Ohio for the holidays. Speaking of which, we celebrated Christmas with my in-laws’ yesterday like we have been for years. Too bad we weren’t complete, but we still had a great time over some good food and exchanging Christmas presents! Anyway, I hope y’all had a happy holidays with family (and friends)!

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