December Goals

It’s the last month of the year, guys! Can you believe it? I don’t. It’s like Father Time played a trick on me, and beat me to it. It’s crazy! November is my birth month, but December has got to be my most favorite month of the year for two reasons: Christmas and our wedding anniversary!

Before we go gaga over all the festivities that are about to commence this month, let’s see how I did in my November goals:

  • Immigration papers. For the sake of this recap, I’m going to share with you that I have completed collecting all supporting documents. I had these sent to Roan for final checking before mailing them to the NVC for final review. I’ve also duly accomplished my immigrant visa electronic application form (DS 260) earlier on, so all there’s left to do is wait for the decision.
  • Reading. I did pretty well this month although I need to keep reminding myself to refrain from adding more books into my [digital] stash until I’ve read everything in my existing collection. Please stay tuned for the fourth installment in my Feed Your Mind series!
  • Birthday. Since my birthday fell on a weekday, I celebrated it at home with my family over pasta, pizza, and ice cream cake. Nothing fancy, but all so good and fulfilling. Thanksgiving came a little too early in my side of the world though. (P.S. New age still not sinking in…)
  • Blogging. I have a few salvaged drafts that went live on the blog, but there are still a couple more sitting in my dashboard. I introduced my readers to three good friends of mine who took over the blog for a day.

I had a pretty sweet November (see what I did there?), and I couldn’t complain. We now move on to goals I wish to achieve this December. Are you ready?


This is an ongoing goal that I have yet to conclude in my list. Every Christmas, my brothers and I gather some of our seldom-to-never worn clothes and donate them to goodwill. I have given away a portion of my closet, but I’, sure I can still come up with something.


It’s a shame that I haven’t seen my girl friends since Sweet and Edong’s wedding in March. We are totally missing out on each other’s lives (although we have a group in Viber), and the holiday season is the best reason to get together again. We have a lot of catching up to do, girls!


Complete nine nights of Simbang Gabi. Do not break 4-year streak.


Unfortunately, I’m not leaving for the US yet. Since realizing that I will be spending the holidays in Manila, I decided to join my family on a trip abroad (details soon!). The number one thing I have to remind myself while on this trip is to be a practical spender. I will set a budget on this trip, and I hope to stick to it until we return to Manila.

I was pretty good at packing for our honeymoon last year, but I could do better. I have written a few pieces in my checklist already, and I can’t be more excited!


Blogging has been so far great for me. I like finding new interesting people, and taking inspiration from their work. I have made friends with several of them, and I look forward to know more.

I will bring a travel journal with me to jot down notes that will help me remember the details of the day while I’m away. I will take lots and lots of photos, and share some of them with you when I come back!

Since I will be on holiday, I need to invite a few more bloggers to take over the blog while I’m away. If you wish to guest post (or know someone who does) on SCATTERBRAIN, let me know, and we’ll discuss on it.

What are your last goals for 2014?

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