Chillin’ in Coronado Island

Sometimes, when Roan and I have no major travel plans for the weekend, we’d think of nearby places we could go to. Some days, hanging out at the mall seems plausible, but it also makes us vulnerable to unnecessary spending. Going on a food-trip, sometimes, just won’t cut it either. On the days we want to breathe some fresh air, we’d drive down Coronado Island to do just that.

A week or two before the autumnal equinox, Roan and I grabbed our camping chairs and camera to just hang out in Coronado Island. You see, fall season didn’t come sooner around here in California, but the nights had started to cool in September. When we got there, we were welcomed by a lit fire pit and vacant beach chairs with the San Diego skyline as our view. It was the perfect setting for relaxation, people-watching, and taking photos of the surrounding.

Isn’t Coronado Island beautiful at night? It didn’t look like it, but these photos were taken somewhere between 7 and 8 in the evening. It was our first time spending time around the island, just watching the various changes in our surroundings as the sun was setting. The highlight of our night out there was watching a group of people paddle-board in the open waters. How cool are those lights, beneath their boards, right? Oh, some things are just priceless.

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