CHVRCHES: Afterglow

Not so long ago, I wrote a list of music artists I wish to see play on stage. In less than a year, I’ve already crossed out two of them, with Paramore as my first concert experience here in the US. Shortly after watching Imagine Dragons live in San Diego for their Smoke + Mirrors world tour, I discovered that CHVRCHES were having theirs alongside the release of their new album, Every Open Eye. I literally “camped out” in front of the computer to snag tickets as soon as they went on sale.

Contrary to Paramore‘s and Imagine Dragons‘ concerts, however, I didn’t take as many photos nor film as many videos of CHVRCHES while they were performing because I was too busy having fun! I never thought I’d dance in a concert, but I did let loose while singing along to most of their songs. There’s just no way—no way—to avoid that, especially if you’re surrounded by people who’re just as pumped up with the performers.

It was so much fun, but I wish CHVRCHES didn’t have two opening acts that night. The first one was OK, but the second group was just terrible; singing off-key for the most part. CHVRCHES sort of made up for it in the end, however, when they played Afterglow and The Mother We Share as their two final songs.

P.S. Dear Universe,
Please make this collaboration officially happen.
Thank you very much.

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