My Christmas Wishlist

Well, well, well. December is officially here! Christmas is right around the corner—are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? I know I’m not! I have yet to check everyone off of my holiday shopping list, so I need to work on that in the next three weeks. Yikes!

Last year, I failed to share my Christmas wishlist for whatever reason I can no longer remember, but I did write one in 2014. I was lucky to have received most of the things (or something similar/better) I wanted from that list when I got here in the US last year. Since I’ve been seeing a lot of similar posts to this one, I thought I’d dedicate some time to gather a list of things I wish to receive for the holidays (though I already got some of them earlier).


I’ve had my purple Fitbit for a year and a half, and while it’s still in pretty good condition (in spite of using it as my everyday watch), I eventually felt like I needed something more in terms of functionality. I’ve thought of upgrading to the new Fitbit when it came out late this year, but it still lacks the features that I’m longing for (although it has improved a lot from its predecessor). I can’t say that I’ve always had my eyes on the Apple Watch, but when I checked it out in-store, I thought it could be the one thing I’ve been looking for. I’ve read a lot of reviews comparing it from its predecessor, and the significant updates that had me sold were the built-in GPS and water-resistance features. I’m quite certain, though, that with these added features, the battery life will not be as great as the Fitbit, which a full charge probably lasts for about three to four days with continued use.

At some point before 2017 rolls in, I’d like to do a much-needed closet purge. When I walked into our closet the other day, I realized how much clothes I’ve accumulated since I got here in the US. In true Jae fashion, some of them I only wore once or twice then forgot about them altogether. Several months ago, I watched The True Costa Netflix documentary on consumerism, and I felt bad for having supported fast-fashion ever. When Forever21 first came to the Philippines, I thought their pieces were great and unique from the usual ones you find at a local department store. Having watched this documentary, I felt sick to my stomach upon realizing what it meant to embrace consumerism, especially through fast-fashion. I’ve made a conscious effort to avoid shopping at similar stores since (except for H&M‘s Conscious — Sustainable Style line).

While becoming minimalist is enticing, that major change in lifestyle requires a lot of heart, sacrifice, and determination to keep at it. The least we could do for now is to try to transition into a lifestyle that supports sustainable style. I’d choose clothes of greater quality, albeit expensive, than those that only last after a few washes/wears. I’d rather support ethical clothing than feel accountable for other people’s misery, but I digress…

I’ve been searching for a new leather jacket to replace my faux leather one that will certainly last for several years with proper care and storage. It doesn’t snow in this part of California, but throwing a leather jacket in will surely spice a basic/simple outfit up when the temperature drops.

Since coming back from our Thanksgiving weekend trip up in the mountains, I came to the realization of how important it is to invest on quality winter clothing. I don’t say this lightly because if you’re not properly geared up (read: clothed) for the weather, you’re going to make a fool out of yourself. I don’t mean a top-to-toe Eskimo outfit, but wear clothes that will keep you warm(er) for a long time. Shopping for winter essentials such as winter jacket, bootsand thermals is key to avoid freezing to death. I’d like to invest on a couple more winter clothing if we’re going to make similar trips a tradition during wintertime. Let’s just say I’ve learned a lesson or two on proper clothing from our trip to the Grand Canyon earlier this year…

The last two on my wishlist are more of wants than needs. My white Converse Chuck Taylors look filthy, and I have this irrational fear of washing them since the insides are bright pink, and they might ruin the white canvas if I so much as wet them. Other than that, they’re still in good condition (and may probably last another year or two), but if I shop for a new pair, I’d probably get these next.

In case anyone’s wondering, my hair’s length now sits a couple of inches below my collar bone. I’ve been growing my hair out since getting a pixie haircut in May last year, and my biggest struggle these days is coming to work with damp hair. I have thick hair, so it takes HOURS for my mane to completely air-dry. The crisp morning air doesn’t appeal much when you leave your apartment with damp hair. Again, it’s not a need, but it’d be awesome if I have a high quality blow-dryer to help me address the issue.

P.S. It’s cliché, but remember that Christmas is the season of gratitude, of giving and receiving, and celebrating the birth of our Lord. Don’t fret if you didn’t get what you want for Christmas because all you really need is to be surrounded by the people you love most. Some people don’t get that privilege. Happy Holidays, my friends!

I know this is a challenging question, but what’s one thing you wish to get for Christmas?

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