Christmas 2015: Presents I Received

It’s been two weeks since we celebrated Christmas, yet it feels so much more distant now that the festivities around that time are over. I spent my first Christmas in the US with my in-laws that turned out really well in spite of missing home. Unlike in the Philippines, though, where we usually observe Noche Buena, a traditional family dinner on Christmas Eve, we got together for lunch on Christmas Day.

It may sound pathetic, but I’m one of those kids who seldom receive gifts on my birthday, so I always look forward to whatever my family got me for Christmas. Roan and I are kind of the same with each other since we value the gift of experience and memories more than tangible things. This year, I received something from every member of my extended family during gift-giving, which I’ll be sharing today:

  1. from Corinth, a note from the Desktop Inspiration gift set she sent via the Sesame app. The box included the following items:
    1. Marich Triple Chocolate Toffee;
    2. It’s not clearly seen in this photo, but that’s actually a 3×3 picture frame;
    3. little notebook perfect for those fleeting thoughts while traveling;
    4. Two cute sticky notes; too cute I might not use it anytime soon;
  2. from brother-in-law, an Oakley hoodie jacket (because he probably thought I didn’t have enough already);
  3. from sister-in-law #1, a navy blue Kate Spade wallet that matches the bag Roan gave me last year;
  4. from cousin-in-law, a Shu Uemura Limited Edition Maison Kitsuné Gold Eyelash Curler, which looks so adorable with a charm added to it! I have their classic eyelash curler, so I just might save this one for future use.

  1. from sister-in-law #2, a Crock-Pot. This is probably the gift I was most excited about because I’ve always wanted one. I’ve saved a lot of slow-cooker recipes to try, and I can’t wait to make dinners with it!
  2. from sister-in-law #2, West Bend Air Crazy Popcorn Maker. This is actually Roan’s, but thought I’d add it here because I’ve always wondered how the oil-free popcorn maker machine works. It’s perfect for nights when we’d just “Netflix and chill.”

*The two other things I got for Christmas (that I failed to include in these photos) were a personally written greeting card from Raisa, and another one from Shayne that I haven’t actually received, but will sure be on its way soon.

Among the things you received for Christmas, what was your absolute favorite? Why?

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