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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, you would’ve known that I recently went on a trip to North Carolina. Two weeks ago, my aunt from San Jose asked if I could join her in Greensboro/High Point to help clean out her storage. My aunt used to live with my other aunt (Mom’s eldest sister) several years ago, but had to keep most of her stuff in a self-storage in North Carolina since 2010 when she moved back to California.

I wish I could file this post under my ‘travel diary’ series; however, my trip had been anything but fun. It was my first time flying solo, and although there were no major mishaps, I wasn’t entirely ready for a long-day flight. I was there for three nights and two days, but I must have spent a total of an entire day sorting stuff out, cleaning, putting them all into moving boxes, and actually hauling them onto the U-Haul van. To say that it was both exhausting and stressful was an understatement.

My Snapchat was all over the place the past few days, but it’s the most I could do to document my trip. My trip wasn’t entirely for leisure, but I wish we had more time to explore around town. Here are a few highlights of my trip:

  • I bought myself late lunch as soon as I got off the plane in Newark, not realizing sooner that I had to ride the shuttle to a different terminal. Had I not checked my boarding pass for details, I would have missed my connecting flight to Greensboro.
  • Arrived to cooler weather in the 30s and 40s. I was wearing four layers of clothing the whole time!
  • I loved the sweet tea in North Carolina! It’s served sweet, unlike in California (or someplace else) that you would still need to add sugar or sweetener to taste.
  • Packed 10 moving boxes, hauled all of them into and unloaded them off the U-Haul van—all these with only my aunt’s help.
  • We had so much stuff to do, we didn’t have time for proper meals.
  • Snagged a few interesting books and office supplies from my aunt’s stash. Too bad I couldn’t fit everything into my suitcase!
  • Driving by my other auntie’s old house in Oak Ridge.
  • Meeting my aunt’s friend, Sky, who is an intuitive tarot card reader and a spiritualist. It was probably the most interesting part of this trip!
  • Experienced 29F weather and dealt with frosted ICE in the car’s windshield! I swear it made me so giddy!
  • Interesting conversations with strangers in-flight and at the airport during layover. Who knew?

I have a couple of things lined up for this week, blog-wise, and I hope I finish all of them in due time. Oh, besides commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor 74 years ago, Roan and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary today.

How’s life been in your neck of the woods?

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