What’s for Breakfast: Slow Scrambled Eggs

After being hospitalized for acute gastritis twice (first was in high school and then in college), I learned to make eating breakfast daily a priority. I used to just have a cup of hot chocolate before school, then wait until lunch break to have my first actual meal for the day. This kind of lifestyle (if you even call it that) took a toll on my health sooner than later, so I tried to never miss breakfast since.

I’d bore myself out if I eat the same thing everyday (i.e., cereals or oatmeal), so on some days (still not every single day), I make slow scrambled eggs for breakfast. It’s a slow process that requires more time and patience, so I wouldn’t make these when I’m in a hurry. Cooking these is the perfect time to scroll on my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat feeds while stirring continuously on low heat. If I’m making for both Roan and myself, I watch some videos on YouTube, too.

Slow Scrambled Eggs with Garlic Toast on the side

Note that I used an alternative to butter this time, but I’ve made some based on the original recipe. Sometimes, I season with salt and pepper while stirring; other times, I add them afterwards. Add some garlic toast on the side, and you are good until lunchtime!

• Follow original recipe on iamafoodblog.com

What did you have for breakfast today?

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