It’s a Wrap, September!

Hello! Remember me? It’s your old friend, Jae. Not going to lie—I struggle to keep up with this blog every single month, but I just couldn’t give it up (at least not yet). Even with the lack of new posts on a regular basis, I go back to this space to read old entries, most especially in the travel section where I find inspiration in places we’ve seen and been to. Anyway, I know we’re only a week away from the next month, but this shouldn’t stop me from reminiscing what transpired in the month before this one. Actually, thanks

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Denver, Colorado: The First 24 Hours

Almost two years ago, Roan asked me where I wanted to go for my 30th birthday celebration. The thought of traveling to Denver, Colorado had been looming over my head, so I knew I wanted to go there next. I’ve never celebrated my birthday elsewhere with just Roan and myself (other than when I first arrived in the US three years ago), and receiving the gift of experience that both of us could enjoy has got to be the best idea of all. Before anything else, I apologize for leaving y’all hanging in my initial post on Denver many moons ago. I

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It’s a Wrap, (May and) June!

Though unwarranted, I’d like to apologize for the lack of virtual presence around here. This blog has taken a back seat several times before (you know, when something unexpected comes up in this thing called life), but this is probably the first time I felt bummed about it. I [still] love this space—the one thing I can truly call my own, but with all that’s going on, I just couldn’t squeeze it in as much as I’d like to.

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