Best of 2016: All Things Beauty

Following my product empties post, I decided to put together a list of the products I liked best in 2016. I don’t know about you, but I personally love this kind of posts because I’m that shopper who’s swayed by other people’s thoughts on certain products I’ve been eyeing or wanting to try for myself. I’m not a beauty blogger, but I find all things interesting.

So what was my deciding factor in each classification? It could be a lot of things, but the primary reason would be effectiveness. If I keep using a product or I pick it up more than the others from the same category, then I must find it really effective. That or it’s the only one I have. I divided this post into different sections, so feel free to skip through each part as you see fit!

• FACE •

I recently shared an updated version of my skin care routine, and I pretty much mentioned my favorite products to use to take better care of my skin. I realized, however, that I failed to include a daily moisturizer in my most because I focused more on my nighttime routine. Since running out of the moisturizer I included in my summer essentials (and this, too), I got a travel size version of this moisturizer, which I got a sample of from a previous Sephora haul. It’s been months since I bought it, and I still have half a bottle left. One pump is enough to cover the entire face!

Make-up wise, this primer has been working great for my combination/oily skin. Unlike most silicone-based primers I own, it has a lotion type of consistency that sinks into my skin. Even applied on top of moisturizer, this primer doesn’t make my face more oily than usual. I find that this primer works best when used under cream/liquid foundations. Best of all, it’s under $10! Speaking of foundation, I’ve tried many, but only a few works well for me. For drugstore foundation, I use this one from Maybelline and this one from Neutrogena interchangeably. I prefer a matte/demi-matte finish for everyday wear, and both of them perform great! In terms of high-end foundation, this one from NARS has been my favorite—in fact, I bought another shade for the summer soon after I got the first one!

I try to wear as much minimal make-up, albeit full-face, as possible, so it’s important for me that my foundation has medium to full coverage. If I could avoid adding more layers of make-up product to my face, I would; however, when hyperpigmentation spots require additional coverage, I reach out for this concealer. I used to swear by this concealer, but since getting the former, I’ve been reaching for it more. The hype is real for that one!

Since I prefer a matte/demi-matte foundation finish, I try not to overdo it with a setting/finishing powder, but when the need arises, this one has been the most reliable. You’d know that I’ve had it for awhile now because I’ve finally hit the pan!

I have combination/oily skin, so I rarely use a highlighter because I feel like it makes me look more oily. When I do add some highlight, this is what I use. It’s dirt-cheap, but the pigment payoff doesn’t look like it! I usually finish off my face with this bronzer and this blush for a natural look.



• EYES •

I learned to wear make-up in college through a friend who used to be a ramp model. I didn’t wear full-face make-up in school, but I went through a phase where I always made sure that I had clear mascara and eyeliner on. Same as my face, I also prime my lids with this one, which I recently got. It truly is a great eyelid primer that doesn’t crease nor make my lids greasy!

I’m proud to say that I only own two eyeshadow palettes (a full-size one and the tarte Double Duty Beauty Day/Night Eye & Cheek Palette, which, unfortunately, is no longer available), and both have the shades that I’d wear for both day and nighttime look. A little more than 10 years later, I finally know how to apply eyeshadow and wear it to work. I have a minor confession, though, I’m not a big fan of a winged eyeliner. Simply because I can’t, for the life of me, make my wings look symmetrical. On days when I’m in the mood to wear an eyeliner, I usually go with this one; otherwise, I just apply this mascara, and call it a day.

As for the brows, I only use products by Anastasia Beverly Hills like this one, and always set it with this brow gel/plumper.



• LIPS •

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me wear different lipstick shades every day. I did a vanity purge around that time, and I realized how much lipsticks (both regular and liquid ones) I’ve collected over the last year, yet I don’t use them very often. In my attempt to rectify that problem, I tried to wear them in rotation everyday. The lipstick shades that I find suitable for my skin tone are mauve/neutral/nude ones. I also get the most compliments from friends when I wore those shades. If I want to go a bit darker, I always reach out for berry shades. The following are my go-to these days:

Ultimately, I always need to have a lip balm in my vanity, in my purse, and just about every corner of my car and apartment because I’ve never been obsessed with keeping my lips from being chapped. Wearing lipsticks, I can forget, but not lip balm!



So there you have it, fellow beauty lovers! If you haven’t decided what to spend your ULTA Beauty or Sephora gift cards on, then I might have given you a tip or two from this post. After all, you can always return the products that didn’t work out for you at the end of the day, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of your Christmas present!

How about you? What’s one beauty product that you absolutely loved and used repeatedly in 2016?

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