Dad Goes to San Diego: Balboa Park

If you’re visiting San Diego, it’s of vital importance to go to Balboa Park. The park is so big that you don’t really need to go to every museum or attraction in a day. Balboa Park is packed with a lot of attractions and museums, which are perfect for locals and tourists alike. To be quite honest with you all, I’ve been to this place three times since April. The first was with Roan, the second was with Dad, then the third was with my Auntie Marie.

We went to Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon, right after having a delightful lunch at Board & Brew in Del Mar. We did go in the San Diego Air and Space Museum to pass the time, and boy, did I spend too much of that learning about Amelia Earhart. Dad was leaving the following day and he wasn’t done packing yet, so we made sure that we’re back before dark. This wraps up our 3-day quality time with Dad! It’s quick, but nothing short of sweet.

Balboa Park
1549 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101

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