It’s a Wrap, August!

#RealTalk: I don’t know about y’all, but I’m so ready for summer to be over. The last couple of weeks have been really yucky in terms of weather—you know, the kind that makes you want to jump right back into the shower when you literally just got out of it? I remember August to be the hottest month in San Diego, but I don’t recall it being this humid even in the dead of the night.

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☛ So, how’s your summer going? Well, most kids have started going back to school this week, yet Roan and I still haven’t spent time at the beach in a while. Did you know that the ocean water in August is the warmest? It was, however, unusually warmer a couple of weeks ago in La Jolla. Apparently, the sea-surface temperatures reached 78.8 degrees, which is the highest ever recorded in more than a century of data collection! In case you didn’t know, water temperature on the West Coast tends to be too cold to swim in [comfortably] without a wet suit!

☛ [More] Work Update. Guys, I’ve finally reached the 90-day mark at work! I honestly didn’t feel the days go by because I was (still am) having so much fun at my new job. Just last week, we had a “Lunch & Dunk” fundraising event for the American Heart Association‘s San Diego Heart & Stroke Walk, where our company takes part of every year. Yesterday, we had a “QA Potluck Lunch” affair for the success of the recently concluded audit. We did really great (which is unheard of in the medical device industry), so all the more reason to celebrate.

I love that there’s a good sense of work-life balance here; it’s not all work, and no play. Sure, there are busier days than others, but I’m always motivated to show up at work every day. I think playing a dynamic role and having amazing colleagues contribute so much to that drive for success. By the way, my transition from a contractor to a full-time position may already be in the works, so YAY!

☛ Out with the Old, In with the New. Roan had been wanting a new smart TV, but we already own a flat screen that still works perfectly fine. It’s a hand-me-down from Roan’s [very generous] cousin, who wanted to upgrade to a bigger and better model when she got rid of it. It was in mint condition when Roan received it, so why not? She also gave us a Roku player that allows us to stream shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc., so we won’t have to get a cable TV subscription.

Two weeks ago, we finally bit the bullet, and bought our first smart TV together. We spent hours in two different BestBuy locations to simply decide on which model to get, and when Roan had made a choice, he also decided to get a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer to complete his “home entertainment system.” However, we encountered a problem when we got home. Roan and I miscalculated the size of our existing TV console, and realized that the new appliance won’t fit in. We made a compulsive decision to grab a media stand at a nearby Target, so we could get it done and over with. Boy, did we pull an all-nighter on a Sunday just to get everything set up that weekend!


  • reading After You by JoJo Moyes. Well, unlike in July, I was unable to read as much this month. I tried to read 11/22/63 by Stephen King first, but I find the pace of the story a little slow for my liking. I’ll try again some other time.
  • watching a lot of different shows and movies! We rented Hacksaw Ridge out, and it instantly became one of my favorite war movies based in real life. You should see it if you haven’t already! Planet Earth II— ah, there are no words to describe how incredible this documentary is!
  • loving a couple of summer-related things: the perfume I’ve been wearing since spring (I always get asked what scent I’m wearing!); this pair of Chuck Taylor leather low-tops that I wear to work a lot these days; and this pair of Nike shoes that are so comfortable (maybe even more than my Ultraboost Xs).
  • obsessing over this matte CC+ cream (I got mine in Medium) that I mentioned last month. Most days, I get by with applying just this product on my face!
  • feeling pretty excited about fall! Aren’t you?
  • needing a glorious full-body massage because who doesn’t?

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  • Honestly, I’m looking forward to fall, too! Probably for the first time ever in my life. I’m starting to realize the older I get, the less I’m able to handle the heat. Chilly days sound appealing to me lately. Time to bundle up in scarves and boots!

    • As a Seattle native, I would’ve expected you to be one of those who get excited about the fall season! You know, I’d rather bundle up in layers than deal with high humidity and heat! Cozy weather appeals to me the most these days!

  • I am so ready for Fall. Summer is my least favorite season (I know, crazy). I cannot stand the Missouri heat. I prefer the cooler weather. I am so glad you are enjoying your job!!

    • Hey, Stephanie, sorry it took me a while to reply to your comment. Anyway, thank you! And yes, I’m over the heat here in SoCal, too! I’m glad that it’s getting a bit cooler these days, though!

  • I am so glad that you love your new job so much! That means so much these days. I can’t believe you guys have had so much humidity. While we couldn’t make it out there this summer, Dan’s parents just came back from visiting his Grandmother in El Cajon for two weeks (so jealous!) and they said even they were shocked at the weather. Do you guys have AC? I can’t imagine living there and not having it; it’s only going to get hotter every year. 🙁

    • I really do love it here! Sure, there is definitely room for improvement around here, but it’s so much better than my previous employer. It makes a lot of difference!

      The weather here lately is insane! It’s been so humid! I read in a local news article that the warm ocean breeze is what’s making it humid even at night! Thankfully, we have A/C (I learned recently that not all apartments here have one! -GASPS-), but we wouldn’t run it overnight daily because it would be very costly!