April Goals

Alas, April is here! I wish I were fooling you all into having mixed emotions about this month in general, but I’m not. Roan will be home next week, and that means I only have a few days left until we both leave for the US. Before I start crying [again], let’s go over how I did in last month’s goals.


Prepare for US Visa Interview

I mentioned last month that gearing up for my visa interview will be the most nerve-wracking of all preparations, and it was. A week prior to my interview, I collated both original and photocopies of all civil documents we sent to NVC for good measure. I even had a copy of our chat logs as proof of communication and photos to support our long-term relationship.

In spite of my untimely condition, I managed to attend my visa interview to get it done and over with. Three hours later, I was on my way home, and looking forward to get that much-needed rest and relief.

Finalize Things to Bring to the US

One of the things I did other than sorting my clothes and shoes out was to peel my baby photos off of their corresponding baby photo albums. Props to Dad for taking photos in every milestone of my life, and for making my baby photo albums pretty—complete with dates, captions, and artwork.

I became a bit emotional while doing this task because not only was I reminded of beautiful memories from childhood, I also remembered the story behind those photographs. Almost three hours later, I was able to fit all photos in two shoe boxes.

With only less than a month to go, I’m still behind clearing up my entire room. Oh, dear.


Unleash Your Inner Creativity / It’s Official! / It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Start a Blog / Let Letters Fly


I am all about spending quality time with family and friends this month. As I have mentioned earlier, Roan will be arriving in Manila soon, and so are my friends, Sweet and Edong, who have been living in Singapore since June 2014. They’re my extended family, and just the thought of being away from my family for a long time is making me feel uncertain about the future. I need to see my girlfriends before I leave or I’ll completely lose my mind!

Finalizing finalizing things to bring to the US is rather self-explanatory at this point, right?

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