Why Do Doughnuts Have Holes?

As I was cleaning my desk this morning, I found a filler notebook I used in my English class in junior high. If I remember correctly, we were asked to write about a specific topic once a week as part of our curriculum. Below was one of the entries I had in my journal:

A doughnut glazed with speckles.

In early times, doughnuts were really meant to have holes on it. It wouldn’t be called a doughnut unless it has a hole. Compare this condition in real-life situations. Assume that the doughnut symbolizes life while the hole represents the disasters or problems in it. Ever wondered why we have problems?

Let’s accept the fact that we need problems in life. They are most likely to be a hole in a doughnut. We need them in order to learn lessons in life because the only time most of us ever learn anything is when we get hit over the back of the head. Why? Because it’s easier not to change. We learn our biggest lessons when things get rough. Sometimes, we encounter different situations in life that tell us something if only we’d read between the lines. Sometimes, we think the Lord has forsaken us with these disasters, but that’s not true. We should realize that they were meant not for us to be punished, but for us to be educated. Every event has the potential to transform us, and problems have the greatest power to change our thinking. As what Andrew Matthews said, “Act as if every event has a purpose, and your life will have purpose. Figure out why you needed an experience, conquer it, and you won’t need it again.”

18 August 2001 | ©JRJM

Sometimes, it still amazes me how I had written these things in my younger years. I mean, where could I possibly get inspiration or experience from at the age of 15?

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