What’s on my mind?

This is me now, and that's my parents' wedding photo (enlarged, colored pencil painting)

If I were on Twitter, a 140-character response to that question won’t be enough to describe what’s going on in my head right now. If you’re looking for coherence, then this post might be a waste of your precious time. Either way, I’ll let you in a couple of random things that distracted me today:

  • I wait for my second batch of laundry to finish as I type this away. I do my laundry twice a week: mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I don’t like seeing my week’s worth laundry pile up, so I make sure I get them out of the way as soon as I come home from work (on Wednesdays) or upon waking up (on Saturdays). During which time I only manage to take a nap because…laundry.
  • I think I have developed messed-up sleeping patterns for a while now. It almost feels like I’ve been tending a newborn, thus the lack of sleep, but all I’m really nursing nowadays is a headache that won’t go away. Just this week, I adjusted my work schedule to an hour earlier, so I’m usually at the office by five o’clock in the morning. I don’t mind going to work this early, but I’ve noticed that running on less-than-eight-hour-sleep has made me sluggish 2–3 hours later. On top of that, driving home from work is both pleasant and dreadful.
  • There had been a restructuring in the organization at work, and part of this change made our team move back to our old work area. It was one of those God-awful decisions the upper management has made, but no one really has a say on such things. I’m still having separation anxiety with my previous work area which was probably the best nook I’ve had in years. I realized that I wasn’t the only one on this. Makes me think a lot about my impending resignation, really.
  • Lack of sleep + The Possession = a whole new level of headache
  • I wonder what’s for dinner as much as I worry about my breakfast on a daily basis. Since MCO Chill & Grill‘s opening, I’ve been having mostly leftover dinner by myself.
  • On a brighter note, my father-in-law arrives tomorrow (thought it was today), and I’m feeling all sorts of excitement towards whatever my husband put in the box for me and my family. Sometimes happiness comes in balikbayan boxes.
  • Something I consider eventful is happening this weekend, and I couldn’t keep my mind off of it.

That’s about it for now. I remember having a laundry to attend to, but in any case, what’s on your mind?

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    • Heya, Pardz! Wishful thinking Roan’s going to be in there, too. Le sigh.
      Goodness, you’re a mom! Your lack of sleep only validates how dedicated you are in taking care of Lucio. I can’t function 100% because I’m almost always disoriented. Huhuhu.