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Pinoy Big Brother House | Quezon City, Philippines

My brother and I had the chance to visit ABS-CBN, one of the Philippine’s biggest TV network, last Saturday with some of his high school friends. Since it was our first time in the area, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of taking a photo of the well-known Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house when we passed by it.

Fun Fact: The show has launched its 10th season two weeks ago, and one of my brother’s good friends from high school, Jayme, has been chosen as an official housemate! All of us are rooting for her because we believe she deserves to win.

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      • I’ve got no idea actually. I just know that when we visit family in Manila, they’re in Las Piñas. But if I had to guess I would say Pilar Village because that’s a sign that I remember seeing hahaha. Sorry Jae, super non informative.

          • Well, originally we are. My dad’s older siblings moved to Las Piñas, mainly my aunts, in the 60s and 70s. I’ve got a good number of family there but we’ve still got loads of family in Ilocos, in La Union to be specific. Las Piñas is wonderful!

          • Nice! From North to South drive every time you’re home. Must be exhausting, especially nowadays where traffic has become worse.

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