True Calling

Hi, I’d like to ask you some questions. Is that okay? Well, have you ever wondered what your “true calling” is? I mean, has it ever occurred to you that the degree you earned in college or what you currently do for a living may not be your vocation? How often have you encountered someone whose face lights up when he starts talking about the things he loves to do? You would know this because his eyes speak more eloquently than what his mouth has to say.

I came across this online quiz on Twitter the other day. It is a ten-question test that will tell you what career you were actually meant for in the end. Can you guess what mine revealed? 

Do you remember those aptitude tests administered by the guidance counsellors back in high school and college? My results consistently revealed my inclination towards the literature and the arts. When I applied for college, I narrowed down my choices between Industrial Engineering and Journalism. I was fortunate to pass both during entrance examinations, but Dad’s influence led me to take engineering, too. Wait, let me get that straight—my parents gave me the liberty to decide on which course to take. It’s just that Industrial Engineering seems flexible in every line of business, hence I went that way.

What are the odds? Upon graduating, fate brought me to work for a publishing company. While I did not work as an author/contributor, my job required skills that I already possess, so I used them to my advantage. Most people who do not know about my educational background often mistake me for being a journalism, literature, or mass communications graduate, and it never fails to put a smile on my face. It fascinates me whenever I meet people with similar situation as mine. Sometimes theirs are even more extreme. In most cases, certain life decisions are greatly affected by this. Can you imagine how a licensed dentist by day turns into a club disk jockey at night? Radical

It only goes to show that no matter what you do or how much money you make for a living, nothing will make you genuinely happier than following your passion. I could be wrong, but when you are very keen on something, work comes off as fun and exciting. It does not feel like it is forced upon you. What’s more is that stepping up your game seems like an easy task. You will feel that burning desire inside you to reach out to people, and infect them with the same elation you feel within. 

I guess this is why I keep writing. Blogging, to be more precise. This little space right here is my happy place. Even my husband knows and supports this passion of mine. You don’t know how accomplished I feel whenever I come up with a post, and friends (old and new) would express how much they enjoyed reading what I have written. I know it’s shallow, but I’m absolutely delighted by such gestures. I have this growing desire to inspire other people with what I contribute to the world. It may sound too far-fetched, but does it hurt to aspire to touch other people’s lives in the best way I know how?

I am not here to convince anyone to go after their dreams or whatever it is that they are passionate about, but if this somehow tickled one’s fancy, then I am glad that it did. If you haven’t discovered it yet, worry not; I’m sure it will manifest soon. When you finally figure it out, know that I will be sharing the same happiness with you. It’s never too late to find out what you were born to do. I hope you change the world by making a difference.

Have you discovered yours yet?

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