To Marry and Be Merry

While most people were busy shopping for Christmas presents, Roan (Miggy) and I were preoccupied with wedding-related stuff. I think we had most major details finalized two to three weeks before our Big Day. I’d say it’s an achievement because I had intended to focus on the minor details and personal agendas (read: things most girls do) on the final stretch of our wedding preparations.

As much as I’d like to share with you know a blow-by-blow account on what happened on the day of our wedding, I decided to postpone this until our photographers/videographers have released our official wedding photos. Wouldn’t it be nice to equip my story with corresponding pictures?

Anyway, this Christmas isn’t our first together. If you remember exactly a year ago, Roan and I spent our very first Christmas together as a couple, but it is our first together as husband and wife. Three weeks later, and I still haven’t gotten the hang of being married. Nothing has changed, really, except that I wake up every morning next to my husband. It is quite an adjustment in the first few days because I’m not used to having anyone sleep with me except when my aunt(s) come home for vacation. When that happens, my room is automatically converted to a semi-guest room.

Every day for three weeks since we got married, we’ve been doing household chores together. This isn’t something new to me because my brothers and I grew up without house-helpers. It’s one thing to do these chores on your own, and doing it with your husband is another. As expected, our strategies differ on some house works, but we’re taking baby steps in order to do things systematically without any conflicts.

I don’t know about them, but since Roan and I got married, our home felt different. Happiness and laughter filled the household air making it more delightful to come home to. You may even find it ironic that we seldom go out by ourselves unless we’re with the family. This may seem ideal to you, but it’s reality to us; and we will strive to make it last for a lifetime.

This is my best Christmas yet.

It isn’t about the amount of Christmas presents received, but the celebration of life and love with the people who matters most. My feelings towards this year’s Christmas season is indescribable. Despite all the adversities we experience on a daily basis, I remain grateful for all the countless blessings I [alone] continue to receive. I pray not for more tangible graces, but for the gifts of wisdom, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for the married life ahead of me.

With this, I would like to conclude this post by wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

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