The More The Merrier

If you thought I was done posting about last year’s holidays, you’re wrong. Though I’ve cited this earlier, last Christmas has got to be my most memorable one so far. If you remember my post on Dad’s high school friends in October, I mentioned that they were planning on having another Christmas party in our house. It was a tradition for so many years, but had to skip in 2010 because of the situation our family were in at the time.

We started doing this with only the immediate members of the family. Every year, a different family will host the party. Every one would contribute by bringing in food and drinks for everyone to share. Eventually, the idea of creating a program with parlor games was added to the occasion. As in the food and drinks, each family are expected to prepare games for other families to participate at. More often than not, these games become the main event during the party.

You know your family is growing when every year, the elder children bring their respective partners to the party. This was never an issue; in fact, we welcome them as new members of the family. Last year was my first time to bring a significant other to the occasion, and so did my youngest brother. Miggy and Jan were introduced to everyone as my fiancé and Kevin’s girlfriend, respectively. Yes, it was also the first time that we announced about our engagement and upcoming wedding.

This year, my Dad and his friends assigned color dress codes for each family. The Mances arrived in purple, while the Buenaventuras wore their favorite color, red. Being solid Thomasians, our family decided that we wear yellow. The Tallaras, the biggest family in the group, came in two different colors; the women were in pink, while the men wore blue. It seemed to me that we all attended a Family Day affair with all the color-coded shirts, but I won’t deny the fact that this made an impact especially during the main event: The Games

Last Christmas was epic. It was evident that Miggy and Jan enjoyed taking part in the games, and just be like kids at heart. I appreciate that Miggy was warmly welcomed into the family though we haven’t gotten married yet. Also, I have always perceived him to be the serious type, so seeing him having fun with the rest of us makes the occasion even more special. Well, at least for me.

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