Stop Overcharging Your iPhone

This isn’t a full-blown rave review of an Apple product. In fact, I turned my iPhone in to Power Mac Center due to a suspected bloated battery a little over a month ago. I kind of like dropped an f-bomb right there, didn’t I? 

Two weeks prior to that incident, I noticed several weird things in my phone screen. There were four, to be exact, and I’ll try to explain these below:

  1. The sudden appearance of a faint green discoloration around the borders a.k.a. the Newton ring (I learned this later on). This was more evident when viewing the screen against a white background (i.e., reading emails or texts on iMessage).
  2. I seldom use my home button to navigate since I’ve activated the Assistive Touch from the beginning, so it sort of annoyed me when the home button became faulty at some point.
  3. I noticed what seemed like an impression in the middle of the screen, as if someone purposely leaned on it, making the mark permanent.
  4. My phone heats up easily in the first five minutes that it’s plugged in. Something that I find rather unusual.

While fiddling with my iPhone at my brother’s taping in October, I was mortified to see my phone’s elevated display— enough for the lights beneath to peek through on either side. I instantly removed my phone from being plugged in for safety precautions. This had me restless the whole night, so decided to take it to Power Mac Center the following day.

As it turns out, Apple confirmed that the battery was bloated, hence the elevated display. Upon checking, my iPhone was among those units whose serial numbers were recalled due to defects. For this reason, my phone was not eligible for module repair. There were no signs of unauthorized modifications or liquid contact, so I was relieved when they informed me that I’m entitled for a whole unit replacement under Apple’s quality program.

According to the service representative, this is not supposed to happen since I’ve only had my phone for one and a half years. I am no longer eligible for a warranty service, so this had me worried. Before coming in to the service center, I was already thinking whether it’s going to be worth it if I had it repaired or wait for the iPhone 6/6 Plus instead.

If there’s one thing I learned from this experience, it’s to never recharge my iPhone overnight. I always leave it plugged in because I have this irrational fear of going about my daily routine with a drained battery. I’ve read a lot on not having to worry about overcharging your iPhone because of its trickle-charge technology, but after this experience, I no longer want to risk it. I think that the inability to replace the iPhone’s battery is a setback, but if Apple is willing to replace my unit at no additional cost, then who am I to complain? WIN.

Did you have similar issues with Apple? How was your experience?

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