Spontaneous Weekend

My 36-day holiday leave is about to come to an end. I’m going back to work on Monday, and I’m far from ready. I mean I haven’t been relaxed like this in a long time since I graduated from college (by the way, it’s my fourth anniversary with my first and current employer today), and I’m sure going to miss being a bum. (Don’t judge me!)

My husband has never asked me anything in particular since he arrived in October, so when he said he wanted to go somewhere on Friday afternoon, I happily agreed. Apparently, Roan has been craving halo-halo for weeks. Halo-halo (Tagalog language for “Hodge-Podge”) is a popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans, gelo and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. His family used to go to this famous halo-halo place in Bacoor, Cavite when he was a kid. According to him, the last time they went there was ten years ago, and he vividly recalls the way. That’s what he thought.

We got lost twice. We missed our turn on the first instance, so we had to rely on GPS on our way back. We were looking for “Digman”, only to find out that there were “Digman Street” and “Barangay Digman”. Again, we had to retreat, and as we approach the main city or bayan, Roan decided to ask again for directions. Lo and behold, we were not too far from our destination!

We arrived at four in the afternoon–perfect timing for merienda, so we ordered two halo-halo specials and pancit palabok (another favorite of Roan).

Roan animatedly reminisced his childhood experience in this place while we enjoy our snacks. I have to agree that they serve–by far–the best halo-halo I have ever had. Unlike my husband, I’m not a fan of halo-halo, but because it’s really good, I’d recommend this to those who do.

Bottomline: Mission accomplished. Craving satisfied.


The second part of this spontaneous weekend is dedicated to rest and relaxation. Knowing that I’ll be back in the office next week, I thought of spending more quality time with my husband (as if we haven’t spent time together, 24/7).

Initial plan was to spend an overnight stay in Tagaytay where we got married from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Not only is the weather nice there at this time, but reminiscing the memories from a not-so-distant past is quite appealing. Coincidentally, Mom and Dad are going there, too, for a day-long recollection with members of the Commission on Family Life Ministry. When Mom knew that we intend on going there, too, she invited us to join them.

Their activity was actually held in the humble rest house of one of our Principal Sponsors at the wedding, Ninang Esther. It is situated in Alfonso, Cavite, only a few feet away from the border of Tagaytay City. Roan and I had been there when their driver toured us in late October, so last Saturday was our second time. Their 2-hectare property consists of a main house with quarters, a built-in tent with bunk beds, a gazebo, mini-playground for kids [and for kids-at-heart], and a vast land of green grass and trees.

While every one was busy inside the main house, Roan and I took the liberty to take pictures around the place. My favorite of which is the natural Christmas tree in front of the main house. Adorned with Christmas lights and lantern, the pine tree added a holiday vibe in the place.

Aside from running errands for them, Roan and I had the opportunity to accomplish what we had intended to do in the first place: rest and recuperate. I was feeling a bit under the weather that morning, so Ninong Jorge told us to sleep in the tent away from all of them. A few hours later, my husband and I woke up from a glorious afternoon nap! We were awakened by laughter and applause from the main house which we took as an indication that their activity was over, and that it’s okay to go back in.

Everyone stayed and chatted over dinner. Roan and I even shared the on-site video of our wedding to some who were not there. Mom suddenly got sick with high-grade fever that afternoon, so we decided to postpone our overnight stay, and went home that night. Despite this, we sure had a wonderful quality time together.

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