Something Borrowed: The Movie Adaptation

As a follow-up to my book reviews on the Darcy & Rachel series by Emily Giffin, I’m going to share with you today my thoughts (not exactly a movie review) on Something Borrowed‘s movie adaptation.

While I was still on Something Blue a few days ago, I asked my brother to grab me a copy of the Something Borrowed movie for me to watch when I’m done with the book series. On Saturday morning, I woke up remembering about this, so I fired up my computer to watch the film. It’s a good thing that I’ve just finished reading the book, thus the scenes are still fresh in my memory. Anyway, here are a few things I found inconsistent with the book:

In the movie

  • When the film started rolling, I immediately recognized that it jumped right through the surprise party Darcy organized for Rachel.
  • Ethan was in New York. He even joined Claire, Darcy, Dexter, Marcus, and Rachel to spend summer weekends at the Hamptons. He assumed the role of Hillary in the movie which I found a bit disappointing.
  • In the badminton scene, Ethan played alongside Rachel, opposite Darcy and Dexter. Things got out of control between Ethan and Dexter when they had to reveal secrets about each other as they score their way in the competition.

  • Marcus was skateboarding with some kids at the park when Rachel ran into him. They talked at a nearby bench where their mini-date took place. (Side note: Did you notice that the lady sitting beside them was reading the sequel, Something Blue?)

  • Rachel found out from Marcus that Dexter and Darcy were actually house-hunting with Dex’s parents and Marcus’ father that day. Apparently, their folks were good friends.
  • Dexter and Rachel ditched the Fourth of July weekend over at the Hamptons and made everyone believe that they had to work overtime. Strolling at the park, they thought they had the city all to themselves when Dexter and Rachel bumped into Dex’s parents. Dex’s father even warned him to cut whatever it was going on between him and Rachel, implying that he’s already engaged to be married to someone else.

  • Somewhere in the middle of the film, Ethan eventually moved to London, claiming that an English publisher was interested in a book he’s written. When the going got tougher between Dex and Rachel, the latter decided to visit Ethan in London. In one of their close conversation, Ethan confessed that he has feelings for Rachel; however, he now knew that it’s impossible to bloom into something else more than friendship because, clearly, Rachel was in love with Dex.
  • When Rachel returned from London, Dexter was waiting at the foot of her apartment. When asked how he knew her itinerary, Dex told Rachel that he called her office to confirm.
  • On Rachel’s arrival from London, Dexter told her that he had called their wedding off. Though still surprised, Rachel invited Dex to come up in her apartment for them to talk about what’s in store for them. In the middle of their conversation, they were disrupted by Darcy, who was violently knocking on Rachel’s door. Neither of the two knew this was coming, so Dexter hid somewhere in Rachel’s kitchen as the latter open the door to welcome Darcy. Darcy told Rachel the news about their called-off wedding as if Rachel hadn’t known yet. As in the book, Darcy confessed about her unexpected relationship with Marcus, who happens to be the father of her unborn child. Two seconds after Darcy has left the apartment, she knocked again. This time she confronted Rachel as to why Dexter’s jacket was in there. This left Rachel caught off guard and without her permission, Darcy stormed right back into the apartment to search for Dex. Eventually, Dex emerged from the kitchen disgusted with everything he has heard about Darcy’s misdemeanor. As if she was the only person who’s at fault, she didn’t miss on throwing hateful words towards the two.

In the book

  • The story kicked off with Rachel and Darcy reminiscing their conversation as kids on how they envisioned themselves when they turned 30.
  • Ethan was in London. He’s been living there since his break-up with Brandi. Rachel only calls him every now and then to update him with her messed-up relationship with Dexter. Along with Ethan, Hillary had been Rachel’s confidant and was always up-to-date with the Rachel and Dex Bizarre Love Affair.
  • In the original story, it was Hillary who bashed Dexter during the badminton game which threw the latter off, realizing that Rachel had told her about their current relationship.
  • Marcus took Rachel to dinner at a fancy restaurant and ordered ostentatious food and drinks on their first date. They laughed at the thought of Darcy and Dex being the nosy bastards, trying to interfere with their personal lives.
  • There was no reference to any house-hunting nor that Dexter’s and Marcus’ fathers were acquainted.
  • It did mention in the book that Dexter and Rachel planned on copping out the Fourth of July weekend in order to spend some time alone in a deserted Manhattan, but they did not bump into Dex’s parents. It was actually Claire who ran into them in one of their attempt to sneak out on Darcy, but that was a different story.
  • When Dex told Rachel that he cannot leave Darcy for her, Rachel decided to fly to London and visit Ethan to take a break from all the craziness that’s been going on.
  • Dexter actually called Ethan in London to get Rachel’s arrival details as she flies back to New York.
  • Dexter announced the good news to Rachel over the phone, who happens to be downstairs, then eventually invited himself up in her apartment. They were about to get into it when Darcy came into the picture. She was wailing in the hallway as she commands Rachel to let her in. Dexter, who was in his boxers, gathered the rest of his clothes and hid in Rachel’s closet. Dexter heard everything Darcy had confessed to Rachel; however, in the middle of their conversation, Darcy noticed Dex’s wristwatch in Rachel’s nightstand. Again, Darcy made a scene just like she did earlier on, only this time it was the most violent she’s ever been.

I know there’s no rule for movie production staff to strictly observe how the story in the book went when directing a movie, but they could have been more consistent. That’s the thing with movie adaptations. It’s almost impossible for them to stick to the original story; in one way or another, there will be certain parts that will be tweaked depending on the director’s/producer’s/writer’s preference.

I kind of expected that something like this will happen. I mean, I’ve seen movie adaptations like Dear John and The Timetraveler’s Wife, both of which I read their book counterparts, and like Something Borrowed, the movie wasn’t so close to what I had imagined as I was reading the book. For this reason, I’m only giving the movie three out of five stars.

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