I think I aged overnight. No, seriously. A week after falling ill, my fiancé arrived in Manila. Miggy landed at 0330H, and I was compelled to pick him up at the airport at an ungodly hour. I should have slept earlier the night before, but I pulled an all-nighter playing Bubble Shooter in my brother’s Android phone. I know, right? I think it was almost two o’clock when I eventually fell asleep, but woke up an hour later to this SMS:

“Touchdown Manila!!! Where are you???”

Oh, God.

I knew I had to give him 45 to an hour lead time as he claims his luggage and go through all the fuss at Immigration, so I took my time in getting ready. Apparently, my phone was plagued with five SMS and three missed calls while I was in the shower. Unbelievable. Thirty minutes later, I was driving to the airport. It’s only a 30-min drive from our place to the airport on normal hours, and since it’s only four in the morning, I got there sooner.

The plan was to first drop his things off at home, and then drive to the nearest 24-hour fast-food joint for breakfast. As usual, Miggy requested that we go to Jollibee for his dose of Palabok Fiesta. For your information, in the three occasions he came home, he always asked for this on his first day. Palabok Fiesta is not your usual breakfast food, but to our surprise, he was served such at six in the morning.

I had no plans of skipping work that day, but due to lack of sleep, I gave in to his plead to at least take a nap before heading out. Three hours later, I was sending my colleague a message, letting her know that I’m on my way to the office. My friends at work were surprised to see me when they expected me to be on-leave that day. I told them I couldn’t waste my very few leave days, so I settled for a half-day shift at work.

Four hours later, I picked Miggy up at their house, and headed home. Remember my brother who caught dengue fever about the same time I got sick? Well, he woke up that morning flared up with rashes all over his arms and back, and this freaked my mother out, so she asked Miggy and I to take my brother to the hospital for his third blood test. Mom also instructed that we have him seen by the doctor that same day, too, leaving us with no choice. My brother’s blood test result was satisfactory, but the doctor wanted to be sure he’s out of danger, so he requested, yet again, another blood test the following day.

It was only half past five when we left the facility, so we decided to kill time at my brother’s favorite milk tea shop, Tea Talk. Clearly, my brother found a good excuse to indulge himself with his favorite milk tea drink. We sat there for hours talking, Miggy telling tales of his crazy childhood, until we all decided to transfer to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

My body eventually gave up on my lack of decent sleep, so at nine o’clock, I called it a day. When I woke up the next morning, everything was a blur. It’s only been a few days, and I already feel so exhausted.

Hooray for the last work day for 2012! Sleep, I’m coming for you!

P.S. In case you’re wondering, my fiancé’s stay is so far uneventful. We haven’t really gotten our hands on the major wedding preparations because I didn’t take my vacation leave right away and the holidays make everyone crazy, not excluding ourselves for obvious reasons.

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