So, according to my Twitter and Instagram feeds, today is National Siblings Day. I must admit that it’s the first time I heard about it, and looking at the photos of other people’s siblings made me want to partake in it, too. Incidentally, today is also Thursday, so I will be posting some photos of me and my brothers from not-so-long-ago for #ThrowbackThursday.

My avid readers are very much aware that I talk about my family a lot, and that my brothers are dearest to me. I’m the eldest of three, and I have assumed the role of a responsible sister at a very young age. I’m not saying that my parents were irresponsible, but we grew up with no nanny, so when Mom and Dad were at work, I look after the boys.

Like most siblings, we went through the typical siblings bickering that eventually led to fights. Although I have two brothers, they never really beat each other to death, but may have hit each other once or twice out of annoyance. I guess it’s another indication that my parents brought us up well. My two brothers differ in so many ways, but both of them are very protective of me despite being younger than I am. When Dad’s on a business trip overseas, my brothers assume Dad’s role in taking care of Mom and I.

As we grow older, we have witnessed how Mom and Dad’s relationship with their siblings fell apart, respectively. It’s unfortunate, but we see it as a blessing in disguise in order for us to realize how important family values are. Dad never fails to remind us that no matter how things get tough, we will always have each other’s back. Friends will be there, but as the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

From my siblings to yours, we wish you a Happy National Siblings Day! May you remain one another’s best friend through the years!

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