32 Reasons Why Dad is Awesome

Dad celebrates his birthday this week, so in his honor, I have come up with a list of many ways why I look up to him since my childhood. I believe he deserves a spotlight in the blog because I’ve done the same several times for Mom. Read on below to witness Dad’s pure awesomeness:

  1. I received outstanding merits in most of my school projects because Dad made them for me.
  2. He is really good in mathematics, and I’m not simply talking about the basics.
  3. He is a non-conformist. 
  4. He never got us a game console.
  5. He plays SCRABBLE with us, and he is damn good at it.
  6. He always has the final say on things.
  7. When we were younger, we often fell asleep in the couch from watching too much TV. He would carry each one of us to our room, and wake up in our own bed the next morning.
  8. We have an abundance of family pictures because of him.
  9. He does not smoke nor drink. Casual drinking on special occasions, yes, but never drunk. His only vice is eating too much chocolate and ice cream.
  10. He was an academic achiever; a valedictorian in high school and a consistent dean’s lister in college (and graduate school).
  11. He is prayerful and a Marian follower like Mom.
  12. He does not hold grudges against anyone even when they have misaligned him. He knows that God is always watching.
  13. He is strict and a disciplinarian, but he knows how to have fun with his children.
  14. He cooks breakfast for the family on weekends. Always.
  15. He is traditional and conservative. I knew the difference between appropriate and inappropriate clothing at a very young age.
  16. He has had the same awesome mustache for longer than I can remember.
  17. He is an advocate of diplomacy. 
  18. As a frequent flyer, he exposed us to different types of cuisines at an early age. He believes doing so will help us familiarize with a great variety of cultures when travelling.
  19. He never missed a single school affair that we were involved in.
  20. He taught us to never take work-related stress at home. 
  21. He introduced me to the BeeGeesThe BeatlesQueen, Toto, America
  22. He tolerates my Mom when she is having a bad day.
  23. He hugs and kisses Mom often, and it’s not even cringeworthy.
  24. He is our MacGyver. He knows how to fix almost everything, but he lets us figure things out on our own.
  25. I made him cry at my wedding. I have only seen him shed tears once, and that’s when I emotionally hurt him and Mom during my rebellious days.
  26. He still plants a kiss on my cheek whenever I did something good. I am his forever little girl.
  27. He has high regard for his parents, so strived to become an obedient son by studying hard, and making them proud.
  28. He always has my best interest at heart.
  29. He received an unworthy 3.0 mark in his Spanish class, therefore prematurely losing his scholarship in college. In order to express his dismay towards his unfair professor, he wrote an article in the school paper, calling the attention of the involved faculty member.
  30. He has a good sense of humor.
  31. He always puts God and his family first. He taught us that when the whole world has turned against you, only faith and strong family bond will provide unconditional love and support.
  32. He has me as his one and only daughter. Ha!
Dad with my brothers (January 1997)
Dad with my brothers (January 1997)

You know I could go on forever with all the good things I know about my father, but I don’t want to bore you out. It’s enough that I let the entire world know what kind of a person he is, and I couldn’t be more proud. I am truly blessed to have been born to two wonderful and loving parents, and I owe my life to both of them. This may come off trite, but if I’d be given another chance to live in another lifetime, I won’t mind having Mom and Dad in my life again. Here’s to wishing Dad a very happy birthday, better health, and many more birthdays to come! Love you, Dad.

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