Rainy Days are Almost Here

Unlike in the United States where the summer season kicks off in June (or soon after Memorial Day), I have always associated that month to ‘rainy days’ here in the Philippines. Yesterday, my husband asked if there was anything else I wanted him to get me as souvenir for when my father-in-law returns to Manila tomorrow. As opposed to several years ago, I didn’t want him to send me any more clothes because I’m actually starting to get rid of some that I may no longer bring to the US when I leave. However, I realized how it’s been raining a lot lately, and thought that another pair of pullover hoodies won’t hurt.

I have been wearing my husband’s grey California Republic Bear hoodie at work in most days because I like how it’s loose and thick enough to keep me from freezing my bum off 90% of the time. He got me a cute hippopotamus pullover hoodie for Christmas which I alternatively wear with the grey one.

As usual, I needed to show him sample photos of my preferences for good measure, and I found some cute ones mostly from Pinterest:

{ 1 } / { 2 } / { 3 } / { 4 } / { 5 } / { 6 }

I also found these two, and my husband couldn’t agree more! According to him, he’d definitely wear his with pride. Haha!


Because I’ve gotten used to dressing down for work, I don’t have a problem pairing my pullover hoodie with a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers!

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