Project 365


I cannot begin to imagine that as of today, the 365-day countdown to our Big Day is getting closer. To give you a brief background, Miggy and I got engaged in October 2011. Due to circumstances we had no control of, we agreed to have a long engagement. If I may add, Miggy had to return to the US because of work, thus I will have to do all future communication and personal meetings with potential suppliers myself.

The Big Three

A month since our engagement, we decided to set our wedding day and placed our reservation in the church where the ceremony will be held. We thought we got enough time, so we put most of our wedding preparations off for a while. We were taking down notes, researching online on potential suppliers in between, but we did not really get into these things until we hit the a-year-and-a-half mark.

In August of this year, Miggy and I finally decided to book our reception venue. It was a very tough decision to make since having a hotel wedding reception will consume most of our budget, but the advantages of having an all-in hotel package prevailed.

The recently concluded wedding of my friends led us into setting up a personal meeting with our photographers (and videographers). They were responsible for my friends’ engagement photoshoot and full wedding coverage. Although we find their services a bit expensive, we found their works impressive.

Project 365

In a few weeks, Miggy will be discharged from the US Army. Along with his younger brother, he will drive all the way from Texas to California to bring all his stuff home. Once he’s settled in, he will fly to Manila for an eight-or-so-week-long vacation. Well, aside from the leisure bit, we intend to get more wedding-related stuff done while he’s in town. Looking at our recently updated to-do’s list, we are so going to be busy the moment he sets foot in Manila. It should be a good thing!

If at all possible, we would like to get most of major suppliers sorted out while he’s here because I really find it difficult to decide on my own. Besides, I really want to involve my fiancé on these things even if he doesn’t understand them; it makes him feel that I value his opinions. One of our main agendas is to attend a Discovery Weekend, like a couple’s retreat, highly recommended by our officiating priest and friends. We feel we need to undergo this seminar in order to understand each other more, especially now that we’re getting ready for our Big Day.

When we’ve accomplished a lot during Miggy’s stay, this will allow me to focus on other minor things when he returns to the US in February. Perhaps he will take a few units in school or get a temporary job while we wait for the next time he’ll fly to Manila a couple of months before our wedding day. Speaking of job, Miggy has been thinking of getting into a specific affiliation (I am not allowed to divulge the details here) since he decided to end his career in the military. I hope he gets into it when everything’s stable and in order.

We are not having an elaborate wedding. We intend to have a very intimate ceremony with only a few family and friends to witness as we exchange our wedding vows. I could wish for stress-free days as we prepare for our Big Day, but that would be superficial. I guess all we’re hoping for is a successful wedding and an even more successful marriage in the near future.

P.S. Take it easy on the rotation, Mother Earth. We are so not in a haste! K, thanks. Bye.

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