I fail at blogging lately. I know, and I feel bad for my new followers. Those who thought my site was interesting, but takes me forever to write a [sensible] follow-up entry. While I take a backseat on blogging, everything else in my life is going smoothly as planned. Progress. Yes, how about we discuss that today?

Progress #1

Last week, I had my measurement taken for my wedding dress. Yes, that was my post about having an “eventful Thursday afternoon”. I took Mom with me to my designer’s shop because she decided to have her dress made by my designer, too. I must admit that I was a bit worried because Mom could be very cautious when it comes to first impressions.

Before having my measurement taken, my couturier sketched Mom a design that meets her restrictions and woes. She was quite surprised with what my designer envisioned her in, but I can tell she’s pretty excited just the same. We were the only clients at his shop that afternoon, hence we had time for some chit-chat over wedding-related stuff.

I’m glad that trip turned out really well. Oh, and did I mention that my first fitting is scheduled last week of June? Which brings me to my next progress update.

Progress #2

I have been working on losing weight since January 2011, and have shared this experience here last year.

It takes dedication and discipline to convince oneself to take exercising and proper diet seriously, and I’m grateful that I possess both traits because now I see [and appreciate] the fruits of my labor.

I began joining this photo-a-day challenge by Chantelle Ellem (@fatmumslim) on Instagram last April. I had fun doing it, so I joined the same challenge again this month. For yesterday’s post, the topic/theme was “Change”. I had nothing else in mind, thus I uploaded a photo collage of myself from 2009 until my recent picture in March instead:


I don’t get this much likes in my posts in Instagram, so the gesture made me flinch. Some even left comments that made my day. I’m not going to lie, but it felt good getting reassurance from friends. I’m no fitness expert, but knowing that I inspire other people to a healthier lifestyle is enough reason to keep going.

Progress #3

A few weeks ago, my Matron-of-Honor asked me how my wedding preparations are going. At the time, we have just booked our string quartet, and tried to work on our repertoire. When she mentioned something about the missalette, I panicked because I haven’t started working on it. She offered to do the layout and printing of our missalettes, and I graciously accepted. Since we’re bringing in a guest priest to officiate our wedding, our marriage rites will have a personal touch. One of Mom’s friend sent me liturgical readings to choose from, and insert them in the provided template as appropriate.

I finally went down on it two Mondays ago, had it checked with both Mom’s friend and Fr. Gerry, and was eventually given the green lights to have the missalette reproduced.

In a few days, our six-months-before-the-wedding countdown will commence. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m already freaking out!

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