Nothing Happens By Chance

Have you ever been asked to become a godparent?

In February, Miggy and I stood as godparents to an innocent baby girl’s baptism. Many times have I been asked to become a godparent to kids whose parents I’m not so familiar with or that I don’t personally know at all. According to Filipino superstitions, one should not refuse an invitation of becoming a godparent to a child because it’s bad luck or something like that. Did I mention I only recognized one of all those kids they claim my godchildren?

You see, standing as godparent to a child means you are going to act as second parent to him from the day he was baptized until the day you can no longer function as one. Because of terminal sickness or old age, that is. It’s sad that in the Philippines, Filipinos are accustomed to thinking that the more godparents that child has, the more gifts he will get on Christmas day. Faux pas.

Incidentally, this baby girl, Chanel, I’m talking about is Miggy’s cousin’s first born. Before the actual baptism ceremony, the parents and godparents underwent a quick seminar/briefing. It felt good being there for the right reasons. Chanel’s mother was praised by one of the church staff for bringing in only a pair of godparents. Ideally, that should be the case, but there was one particular group who had a dozen or so godparents for their child.

Chanel’s mother got pregnant with her out of wedlock. If I may add, she was only in her early 20s, and still in school at the time. Although I won’t further delve into details, it had been a stressful pregnancy for her. Would you believe that the baby girl had no name until she turned three months old? It was then that Miggy and I came into the picture.

During Miggy’s short stay here, we were given the opportunity to talk some sense out of his cousin, especially now that she’s a mother. Her priorities and lifestyle in general must change. We know it’s not going to be easy, but there’s no point distressing oneself on something that’s already done. What’s more important is how to deal with the current situation she’s in. After all, there are a lot of single mothers who were able to raise their children well on their own.

So, what makes a good godparent?

I think there’s no particular rule book on how to become the best godparents in the world. As I’ve mentioned earlier, we will serve as the child’s second parent/guardian most especially when our intervention is needed. More than anything else, it’s the child’s welfare that we must always take into consideration.

I believe nothing happens by chance. We were called to be Chanel’s godparents because we have a mission, and we were happy to oblige. Who can resist a child so innocent and naïve as Chanel, anyway?

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