No Particular Reason

It is common knowledge that my family’s favorite pastime is eating, and every special occasion would mean celebrating it over a meal at a fancy restaurant. Last weekend, my family and I went out for a lunch date for no particular reason. Not that there’s nothing at all to celebrate about, but we hardly do something like this nowadays just because.

I was with Miggy when I first dined at Yabu: The House of Katsu in SM Mall of Asia. I’ve heard a lot of raves about this Japanese restaurant from friends, so in one of our random dates, we decided to try it out. The restaurant was called as such because it offers a wide variety of katsu on its menu. With every meal’s serving size, we find the PhP 300–500 (US$ 8–12) price range very reasonable. Every katsu meal is served with unlimited Japanese rice and cabbage salad. What makes it more interesting is the part where you get to make your own katsu sauce (as shown in their website). I promised to take my family to this restaurant, and I thought the timing was perfect.

After a very sumptuous lunch, we all went for a much-needed walk. You know, to somehow burn the calories we consumed, enough to fill our recommended daily intake (RDI). Shopping wasn’t in our agenda that day, but the ladies (Mom, Jan, and myself) found ourselves going in at Forever21. We got ourselves a few things, something we all thought that we deserve. After which, Mom and Dad had to rush to the SM Mall of Asia Arena to watch a live concert. Foursome, a repeat performance by the Philippines’ top local artists: Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, Regine Velasquez, and Ogie Alcasid, is Mom’s belated anniversary and Valentine’s day gift from Dad.

Something interesting happened that night. My brothers, Jan, and I were on our way to the Arena a few minutes before the show commenced to give Dad his camera. Initially, he didn’t bring his Lumix because it looks like a digital SLR, and according to security, cameras like this aren’t allowed inside. To Dad’s dismay, there were a lot of people who had their dSLR inside. When we walked pass the entrance for employees and/or VIPs, someone called our attention. Apparently, it was one of the back-up dancers offering us three free tickets to see the show. Because we were much in a hurry to take Dad’s camera to him, we completely ignored him. On our way back to the mall, we realized that it must be a legit offer, even coming to a theory that the owners of those tickets are the dancer’s family members/friends who couldn’t make it to the show. We were hoping we could still score those free tickets, but the dancer may have given them to someone else. What is missed chances!

Despite the thick crowd and traffic on our way home, that weekend was one of the best we ever had! Surely, no particular reason is necessary to spend weekends like this with family and friends.

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