Insta Lately: Vol. 16

I know what you’re thinking—how come Jae managed to blog about things other than her recent trip to Washington? Trust me, I ask myself the same thing, too, but if it makes you any better, I’m already working on it.😅 Little progress is still progress, right?😁 Meanwhile, let’s talk about what’s on my Instagram lately.

one. My awesome of a sister-in-law discovered a gem—a Filipino street food grilling spot—in National City, which is about 25 minutes away from where we live. This photo may look nasty for some, but if there’s one thing (on top of 983759 others) I miss most, it’s Pinoy street food! A stick retails for $1; it’s expensive when you convert it to Philippine peso, so don’t! | two. Last Christmas, I received gifts from three of my blogging friends—Corinth, Raisa, and Shayne. This little notebook was one of the items in the gift box Corinth sent me, and I only got to use it to write down our itinerary for our Washington trip. Handy-dandy! | three. It took me a while to pack for my clothes because I had to wash most of them before we left, so among the things I put away first include my trusty Sony α6000.

four. Summer ain’t complete without these thirst quenchers, yes? | five. When you don’t know where else to go, visit the zoo, and that’s exactly what we did. It’s ridiculous that I’ve lived a year in San Diego without knowing what their zoo here looks like. Roan and I purchased annual passes, so we can always go back whenever! Anyway, how adorable are these flamingoes? | six. What happens when a peacock goes astray and lands literally in front of you? You take lots and lots of photos as discreetly as possible to avoid giving it a reason to attack you. It’s absolutely beautiful up-close, I tell you!

seven. Fact: Roan and I are huge fans of The Lion King, and we’re obsessed with its original soundtrack. The first thing that came to mind when we stopped to look at these warthogs, we sang Hakuna Matata to each other in honor of Timon and Pumbaa.😂 | eight. This photo was my contribution to the World’s Oceans Day from a week ago. May humans remain good stewards of God’s magnificent creations for all the next generations to see. | nine. Summer has officially kicked in, but we’ve had warmer weather and longer days for a few weeks in advance here in California. Love that the sun doesn’t set until 8PM!

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