Insta Lately: Vol. 9

Thanksgiving Day is next week, and I have the slightest idea on what to expect. I think Roan’s cousins observe the holiday, but it’s probably just over family dinner. I’m sorry, but my mind’s already drifting to all-things-Christmas. This has nothing to do with today’s post, but I thought I’d say it anyway because quite honestly, I couldn’t relate to the anticipation of the forthcoming holiday. Anyway, here’s what I’ve posted on Instagram from a couple of weeks ago…

one. It’s been over a month since I earned my official driver’s license. In case you missed it, I took reviewing for both the written and actual test seriously, so this feat was such a relief. Now I have two government-issued IDs! | two. Those intertwined cycle wheels belong to the Peddler’s Creamery from our recent trip to Los Angeles. | three. This photo of Ron (Jan‘s husband) and Roan is precious because it’s been years since the two of them have seen each other. The last photo of them together? They look so much different.

four and five. Fox and Chippy, Jan and Ron’s fur babies. | six. It’s a photo of the lifeguard house in Laguna Beach. I don’t know about you, guys, but I love the composition of this photo.

seven. One Thursday evening, Roan came home from work, and took me for an in-the-middle of workweek date at Karl Strauss Brewing Company. In case you didn’t know, San Diego has one of the best local draft beers in the US. I don’t drink beer, so I treated myself to a delicious burger! | eight. This is Eiler Larsen, the “Official Greeter of Laguna Beach” in 1963 due to his fame in welcoming weary travelers into the city with his booming voice. | nine. This was the part where we went to a Sawdust Art Festival while we were in Laguna Beach.

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