Insta Lately: Vol. 8

I’m posting the latest Instagram round-up this early before I forget about it altogether, and make up for the piling photos again in the end. I kind of have a lot of that already, so might as well get this one out of the way. (Why am I even explaining myself?) Keep reading to know more about the backstory of the following nine photos…

one. A photo I took from our evening hike at Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. Took this during the autumnal equinox. | two. Roan had been trying to bring to the Torrey Pines Gliderport; however, it was always bad timing. We had no plans of hiking that day—heck, I was wearing slippers, then—but Roan talked me into going down the beach. We hiked what might have been 1,000 steps down only to be welcomed by naked people (mostly men)! That was scandalous in my books. | three. The first time Roan and I watched a San Diego Padres vs. Arizona Diamonbacks baseball game at the Petco Park.

four. There used to be a waterfall in this spot at the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Reserve, but that no longer exists due to the drought in California. | five. Hanging out by the Pacific Beach (or any beach for that matter) meant being around a lot of different birds. I was lucky to have taken this shot of a flying bird with its wings spread out, and it’s one of my favorites. | six. The week after Roan and I watched a baseball game, my brother-in-law invited us for a double date to the San Diego Chargers vs. Cleveland Browns football game. Man, I didn’t realize how rowdy football fans can get until that day.

seven. Affinity for tree silhouettes. ‘nough said. | eight. Roan and I have been to Seaport Village since we killed time while waiting for Dad’s arrival in June. Only this time, we went for a simple date night, and amused ourselves by going inside some boutiques in the area. This was taken from American Nostalgia, which has all vintage American stuff you can think of. It’s cool! | nine. My ipsy #OctoberGlamBag which I have yet to review, but I’ve used them already.

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