Insta Lately: Vol. 6

I have been preoccupied with grown-up stuff lately that I completely neglected some blog-related things I needed to work on. You know, sometimes, we have to set our priorities straight; unfortunately, this blog isn’t as important as my family’s welfare. Most of these photos from my Instagram are a month-old, so we might as well tag this post as #FlashbackFriday, yes?

one. Just one of the many photos I took from our trip to Pioneertown. | two. The first and last time I joined Roan to their annual Camaro enthusiasts meet-up. We were supposed to join the rest of 30+ Camaros on their ride from Borrego Springs to Lake Henshaw, but the weather was not very pretty that day, so we just met them at the end-point. Seeing this photo makes me miss Roan’s Camaro, though. | three. A photo of the Tunaman’s Memorial on Shelter Island. Roan, my in-laws, and I drove there hoping we’d find something awesome. As it turns out, the area was pretty boring. (P.S. It suddenly rained after I took this photo.)

four. This famous Kissing Statue was taken from our trip to the USS Midway Museum with Dad in June. I used this photo when I joined Cassie and Amber‘s #morethanaframe Instagram challenge a couple of weeks back, representing ‘imperfect’ or ‘imperfection’. | five. That time Roan and I took a 2-hour hike to Mount Woodson, which is otherwise known as the Potato Chip Rock. | six. The first few days since I got my new eyeglasses, it kept sliding off of my nose. I thought of coiling some hair ties onto the arms of my glasses so they stay in my ears. Two days later, I took my glasses to the doctor’s office to have it adjusted.

seven. This is a photo of the light fixture in our dining room, but it had nothing to do with the reason why I posted it on Instagram. This was the second time I joined the #morethanaframe challenge, and I had no other photo to represent my thoughts on ‘contentment’. | eight. I posted a photo of a hibiscus flower (or gumamela in Filipino) to represent the height of summer. I can’t believe it’s been a while since; we’re about to welcome the autumnal equinox next week! | nine. This was the day Roan and I spent an entire day on Coronado Island, biking around and practicing photography. It was a glorious day!

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